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Permitting process, additional review, environmental, health

Padillow, like Johnson a member of Black Lives Matter, didn know Crutcher personally. He told KRMG the community at large not just Tulsa black community should be watching the case closely. Have an opportunity to again show the nation how it done.

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I don’t know what to tell you

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Brian Fallon to Head up Justice Department Press Office

By Allan Lengel

The Justice Department is getting a new mouthpiece.

Devlin Barrett of the Wall Street Journal reports that Brian Fallon, a longtime spokesman for Sen. Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.) and the Senate Democrats, will head up the press office, replacing Tracy Schmaler who left in March.

Fallon steps in at an interesting time when the department has come under fire for its aggressive tactics in investigating media leaks.

To read more click here.


Column: Was the Nation Not Ready for a Woman FBI Director?

Allan Lengel

By Allan Lengel

In the end, President Obama opted for a white guy — and a lawyer at that — to head the FBI.

It appears America is not quite ready for a woman, or a black person for that matter, to head what the White House and some others clearly see as the most important federal law enforcement agency in the country.

I was skeptical that the President would pick a woman to head the FBI, even though the DEA,  U.S. Secret Service,  U.S. Marshals Service and Homeland Security are headed up by women. It just seems like one last hurdle — be it psychological or chauvinistic — presidential administrations have not been willing to jump over.

The press is reporting that Obama will pick James Comey, a former Justice Department deputy attorney general under President George W. Bush. Lawyers seem to be a popular choice to head the FBI. Robert S. Mueller III is a former federal prosecutor. So was Louis Freeh, though Freeh was also a former FBI agent and federal judge. Though it’s not hard to find FBI agents who were critical of either Freeh or Mueller, or both.

There had been speculation that a woman might get the nod.

Lisa Monaco

Specifically, Lisa O. Monaco had been mentioned as a front runner.  She is a former federal prosecutor who currently serves as the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. Another woman’s name that had  popped up was Jana Monroe, the former FBI special agent in charge of the Phoenix division, who is now Director, Corporate Security & Business Continuity Management at Southern California Edison in the Los Angeles area.

Whether Monaco or Monroe were actually the best choice is another question. Who knows?

Mike Mason, an African American ex-FBI official, who was the choice of the FBI Agents Association two years ago, didn’t seem to be in the mix this time around. This year, the association pushed for U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, a former FBI agent.

If Comey is confirmed, and serves out his 10-ear term, that will take us to 2023.

Will the country be ready for a woman to head the FBI then?

We shall see.

Then again, if it were up to J. Edgar Hoover, the bureau still might not have women agents.


Comment from stvnbrwn54

Who knows about the nation’s readiness for a woman director, whatever the hell that means. I do know the nation is “ready” for idiodic journalists obsessed about gender to get a life!


Comment from Joe Bravo

Another lost opportunity. Another disappointment. And this, after re-election.


Comment from  craigmonson

The nation elected a black president, “the DEA, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Marshals Service and Homeland Security are headed up by women” and yet there is some “psychological” or “chauvanistic” hurdle against a woman to head the FBI? Given the facts quoted in the article, I find it extremely hard to accept the author’s conclusion.

Rather, I think the decision is based on a number of factors–qualifications, political correctness, ease of confirmation, public image, etc. etc. I doubt gender or race played any negative role at all in the decision….


 Comment from jbeckman

Unbelievable obssession with gender and race. The dynamics of racism are quickly reversing. A “white guy” is now a dissapointment in any position. This reporter could learn something from this President who has not used race in his agenda. Perhaphs some day the country will be ready for less “white guy” journalists and more women and minorities. Weak attempt at journalism and reporting. I am glad I stumbled onto this one.


Take Glimpse inside Homeland Security’s High-Tech Lab to Combat Pedophilia

Rachel Maddow: James Comey’s FBI Confirmation Could Be a “Very Big Hairy Political Deal”

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FBI Agent’s Stolen Car Is Found with Colt M-4 Rifle, Ammunition Still in Trunk

Steve Neavling

The New York FBI has recovered an agent’s car that was stolen in Queens. They were relieved to know no one removed from the trunk a Colt M-4 rifle, four loaded 20-round magazines and a bulletproof vest, ABC 7 reports.

The 2011 Toyota Camry was stolen Tuesday, prompting fears that the high-powered rifle would be taken.

The trunk’s interior was locked with a padlock, ABC 7 News reported. The car was recovered in the  Forest Hills section of Queens.

No arrests were made as of Thursday morning.