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These satellites emit a beam that can help us track our

We need to start making improvements to our transportation system. There are issues with it. I’m not a transportation specialist. I’ve got to learn more. But something needs to be done.”. Cheri was a dog groomer and owner of Best Friend’s Pooch Parlor in Bowling Green for over 15 years. She was a member of Victory Hill Church in Allen County. She was an avid animal lover and American Kennel Club member.

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Weekend Series on Crime: The Mexican Cartels and the Police


Video Released of Border Patrol Agent Allegedly Beating Immigrant in San Diego

Steve Neavling

Federal prosecutors released video of a Border Patrol agent accused of beating a Mexican immigrant while in custody, CBS 8 in San Diego reports.

The agent in the video was found not guilty by a jury last month on excessive force charges.

The video shows Agent Luis Fonseca repeatedly choking and kicking the man until he fell to the ground.

The man, Adolfo Ceja-Escobar, had been deported several times.

Boston Police: FBI Failed to Share Russian Warning about Boston Marathon Bomber

Steve Neavling

The FBI failed to tell Boston police about Russia’s 2011 warning that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the two accused bombers, was becoming radicalized, the New York Times report.

Had police known, they would have investigated, said Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis.

“We would certainly look at the individual,” Commissioner Davis told the House Homeland Security Committee. “When information is out there that affects the safety of my community, I need to know that.”

The FBI responded that some Boston officers should have been aware because Tsarnaev was among about 1,000 people who were assessed by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Times reported.

Cleveland Police Removed Kidnapping Victim, Michelle Knight, from FBI Database Early On

Steve Neavling 

Nearly a decade before Michelle Knight escaped her captor’s house in Cleveland, police removed her from an FBI database that stores information on missing people, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

Just 15 months after Knight went missing in 2002, her name was wiped off the database.

Police defended the move, saying they couldn’t reach her mother to verify the woman was still missing.

But at the time, the police department had a written policy that required an officer to verify a missing person has been found and then inform the FBI, the Plain Dealer wrote.

Judge Permits Use of Clandestine Cellphone Device Despite Privacy Concerns

Steve Neavling 

The FBI’s use of a clandestine cellphone tracking device is a lawful surveillance tool, a judge has ruled, reports.

The Stingray, as it’s called, is a transceiver that tricks cell phones into using a fake network.

Judge David Campbell dismissed concerns that the surveillance was overly intrusive.

The ACLU said the ruling “trivializes the intrusive nature of electronic searches and potentially opens the door to troubling government misuse of new technology.”