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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for May 4th, 2013

FBI Adds First Woman to List of Most Wanted Terrorists

Steve Neavling 

The FBI placed the first woman on its list of most wanted terrorists Thursday, NBC News reports.

Joanne Chesimard was a 1970s black radical who is accused of shooting a New Jersey trooper and fleeing prison in a daring daylight escape.

The FBI said Chesimard, who was part of the Black Liberation Army, fled to Cuba.


Boston Bombing Suspects Planned to Detonate Bombs on July 4

Steve Neavling 

The Boston Marathon Bombing suspects planned to detonate the devices on July 4 but opted for the race because that’s when they finished making the explosives, the USA Today reports.

During a hospital interview with the surviving suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev suggested the brothers finished making the bomb sooner than they had expected and decided not to wait until Independence Day, USA Today reported.

When they saw organizers setting up the marathon, they chose that event to target, officials told the USA Today.

It was cathartic to him, but I know if the pattern repeats it

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