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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for April 11th, 2013

Reagan Shooter John Hinckley Behaving Well

John Hinckley Jr. -abc news photo

By Allan Lengel

John Hinckley, the man who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981, has been behaving well.

The Associated Press reports that he’s behaved well in the past year when leaving his home, a psychiatric hospital in Washington, to visit his mother in nearby Virginia.

AP reported that Secret Service agents trailed Hinckley on more than 35 days during 2012 when he visited his mother’s home in Williamsburg, Va.

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Former FBI Analyst Pleads Guilty to Possessing Child Porn in Federal Court

Steve Neavling

A former FBI analyst accused of distributing child pornography to an undercover cop in Washington D.C. pleaded guilty Wednesday.

Keith Dietterle, 28, faces 97 to 121 months and a fine of up to $250,000 after pleading guilty to possession of child porn.

A task force of FBI agents and local police arrested Dietterle after authorities says he sent videos and images of children being sexual abused to a man he met on a seedy chat room.

That man turned out to be a D.C. police detective.

Dietterle, who was fired, will be sentenced June 27.

Privacy Group Sues FBI for Details on Sophisticated Biometric System

Courtesy of

Steve Neavling 

A group of privacy advocates is suing the FBI for refusing to release details about its Next Generation Identification system, which will be one of the largest biometric databases in the world, WND reports.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed the suit, demanding information about technical specifications and private companies that are working on the system, according to WND.

The NGI system will include fingerprints, iris scans, face and voice recognition, DNA profiles, palm prints and photographs.

“The FBI will use facial recognition to match images in the database against facial images obtained from CCTV and elsewhere,” the organization said, arguing there already are an estimated 30 million spy cameras across the United States.

FBI Accuses Sacramento Crew of Making $3 million Selling Stolen Items on eBay

Steve Neavling

The FBI is investigating a Sacramento-based shoplifting crew accused of making more than $3 million selling more than 17,000 items from retailers on eBay, News 10 ABC reports.

Seven suspects were identified in criminal complaints that were unsealed Wednesday.

Arizona Man Eludes Capture Twelve Years After Murdering Family

Steve Neavling

Twelve years after Robert Fisher slaughtered his family and burned them in his Arizona home, the FBI is still searching, KTVK-3TV in Phoenix reports.

Fisher is one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted fugitives, and he has eluded capture ever since the crime.

“We continue to believe he is alive,” said Mark Hoffman, Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI.

Hoffman said Fisher will remain on the list until he is captured or dead.

“He has ties to Arizona, New Mexico and Florida,” Hoffman told KTVK-3TV. “We look at all possibilities he will not be taken off the top ten until we have definitive proof either he is alive and we captured him or he is dead, we’ll continue to look.”

Congressional Committee Opens Probe into Justice Department Spending

Steve Neavling 

The Justice Department has come under fire for questionable purchases using taxpayer dollars, WSB-TV 2 reports.

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee found the department spent $600,000 on event planners to organize five Justice Department conferences, the news station found.

Another $10,000 in federal police grants was spent on a pizza party.

The committee has ordered an audit.