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April 2013


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Column: Retired FBI Agent Calls Gun Control Column “Standard Response of Almost Every Single Liberal”

Bob Fanning was an FBI agent for 25 years before he retired. He is  a resident of Auroa, Colo. His column is in response to a column by editor Allan Lengel enitled: “If Dead Kids Doesn’t Do it What Will?

By Bob Fanning
I must say that I am seriously disappointed that someone with your apparent contacts and involvement with law enforcement cannot come up with something better than the standard response of almost every single liberal politician – “We gotta do something.”
Yes, all of these mass shootings are indeed horrible and they do in fact deserve a response by our political leaders, however the typical liberal knee-jerk response for more gun controls is really pathetic. Do you not understand what the term “criminal” means. A criminal is by definition a person who does not obey the law. Passing more anti-gun laws does nothing more than make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain a means of self-protection.

I wish you would read the position paper of the County Sheriffs of Colorado on this issue. It does two things. Firstly, it presents clear and logical arguments as to why the proposed gun laws dreamt up by our politicians and worthless and largely unenforceable. Secondly, it clearly defines the real problem, which is the failed mental health system in these United States.

Examine all the incidents listed in your article and you obviously note that guns are a common denominator. Have you also discovered another common denominator? Seriously mentally disturbed perpetrators, perhaps?

Sorry, but I find your call for more gun laws extremely superficial and trite. I am awaiting your article on the need to something meaningful in this country to identify, diagnose and treat the mentally disturbed people who have committed these atrocities, not the tool that was used.


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Comment from msfreeh
Time April 1, 2013 at 1:29 pm

a liberal is someone who walks out of the room when an argument turns into a fight
a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.
a someone who has devoted a significant portion of his life to trying to understand the issues of crime and punishment I hope at some place or point in the here and now
people will begin to look at the issues of reincarnation and crime. I suspect Ian Stevenson MD has done the hard work for us
by investigating over 3,000 children who remember their previous lives.
It is incumbent upon us to look at the cause-effect relationships when someone is murdered do they seek revenge in the next reincarnation? Do their loved ones?
Well the first step is for you to establish whether reincarnation exists. Real simple, eh?
The next step might be to look at the cutting
edge of Physics that is discovering parallel universes and alternative time streams.
You might start here.

Comment from lgwatson
Time April 1, 2013 at 4:11 pm

Well said, Mr. Fanning. Your comments reflect the wisdom of a street officer.

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