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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for March 29th, 2013

Subban will take part in this week\’s festivities

Yeah Kosh. How can you even think of whether it’s adequate or not when you have not been there in 10 years? Sort of like saying you’re sorry that someone’s dog got run over when you’ve never had a dog you love get run over. Sort of shallow! I think you are better than that.

new era snapbacks Choppers: Maybe we’re missing something, but naming the team after a helicopter is a blown opportunity. Minor league baseball is awesome, family friendly fun, which means mascots and apparel are important. What kind of mascot would the choppers have? Do kids want hats with a helicopter on them? It’s nice that Connecticut is the home of the first helicopter, but no thanks.. new era snapbacks

new era hats Driving a Prius is better than driving a Hummer. But one decision trumps every other potentially by orders of magnitude and that’s how many children you have. No amount of bean eating or Prius driving will compensate for reproducing, and it’s the childless, not the vegetarians, who are more likely to save the planet. new era hats

Cheap Snapbacks The Hamilton Bulldogs (American Hockey League affiliate of the Montreal Canadiens) will enter this season\’s all star break as the top ranked team in the Western Conference, and second overall in the AHL with 59 points in 44 games thus far this season. Subban will take part in this week\’s festivities, with both players representing the Canadian All Stars. Subban will be on the ice for the opening puck drop, as the rookie d man was voted as a starter for his squad. Cheap Snapbacks

supreme hats 10 8, Blue Wave. WASN’T EVEN NEARLY THAT CLOSE. DARIEN IS FILTHY. As long as some criteria were met. As Charlie and Hiro exit the diner, Charlie admits that she has a knot in her gut, and Hiro put it there. She was okay with dying, but now living feels like cheating. Hiro tries to tell Charlie it’s okay, but she doesn’t think so. supreme hats

wholesale Snapback Hats He had three in his office and a man who came to see him to discuss northern shrimp gave him a hat from his business. It snowballed from there.Of all the hats over the years, there are two that will not be part of Friday’s sale.These two hats from a Second World War veteran will not be part of the sale. (CBC)They belonged to a Second World War paratrooper who did one jump on June 6, 1944, D Day wholesale Snapback Hats, and was seriously injured. wholesale Snapback Hats

supreme Snapbacks Whether a final rush of Dean’s much hyped army of thousands of volunteers spilling out across New Hampshire will salvage the former Vermont governor’s presidential candidacy was unclear. But as the push in New Hampshire entered its last days, the Dean campaign hummed with electricity Monday. Volunteers from across the country streamed into Manchester, undaunted by tracking polls and television talking heads.. supreme Snapbacks

cheap hats Contact Us,the season for Y100 annual Jingle Ball. The crowd was filled with 15 year old girls, chaperoning moms, pissed off dads, and even more pissed off boyfriends who’d been dragged along by their fan girl ladies. The halls of the BB Center swarmed with staff dressed as Santa helpers, passing out Santa hats and reindeer antlers only to block the view of a fan who probably paid their life savings to see the sold out show cheap hats.

Weekend Series on Law Enforcement: Nixon Talks to Atty. General John Mitchell and Kissinger on the Publishing of the Pentagon Papers


If Dead Kids Doesn’t Do It, What Will?

By Allan Lengel

It’s nauseating to say the least to see how spineless our Washington lawmakers are, how fearful they are when it comes to standing up to the NRA and the people who insist that universal background checks are too intrusive and assault weapons are necessary to own.

The Newtown shootings should have been enough to give lawmakers the backbone to stand up.

No, the Gabby Giffords shootings should have been enough.

No, the Aurora movie theater shootings should have been enough.

No, the Virginia Tech shootings should have been enough.

No, the Columbine shootings should have been enough.

You get the point, nothing, not dead high school kids, not dead elementary school kids, not a dead federal judge, nothing will move some of our lawmakers.

Granted, banning assault rifles at this point won’t instantly remove them from circulation. But we have to start somewhere, and banning assault rifles will eventually make them much harder to get. And the universal background checks, well, that’s another no brainer. Currently, about 40% of guns purchased from places other than licensed gun dealer (like collectors and guns shows) do not require background checks. That would change under a new proposal in Washington that is under intense debate.

I’m afraid we’re missing the window of opportunity to enact some tougher gun laws. No, I’m not advocating taking away guns. But we need change. Now. Not after 10 more tragedies involving unstable people.

In most societies, the senseless, mass deaths of kids is enough to make politicians respond.

Apparently, not in this society.

Which really really worries me.

If dead children doesn’t do it, what will?

Ex-DEA Agent Louis Diaz Admits He Wasn’t A Perfect Angel

Louis Diaz

By Allan Lengel

Ex-DEA agent Louis (Louie The Actor) Diaz,  testified last week in Brooklyn federal court in the trial of a  Gambino mobster that he did some devilish things himself while working undercover, Gang Land News.

Mob expert Jerry Capeci, editor of Gang Land News, reports that Diaz testified  in the racketeering and murder trial of Bartolomeo Vernace.  Diaz was a DEA agent from 1975 to 1996, and authored a book in 2010 with NY Daily News reporter Neal Hirschfeld: “Dancing With The Devil.” He also has had bit acting parts on TV.

Capeci writes about his testimony:

 Diaz, who grew up with wiseguys and wannabes in Red Hook, Brooklyn, prided  himself on being true to his badge. But once, he testified, he looked the other way when an informer tipped him that an old neighborhood pal was dealing drugs and guns.

Then there was the time when Diaz was posing as a mobconnected drug dealer, helping to make a case against Harlem heroin merchant Leroy (Nicky) Barnes. On the stand, he testified that he not only violated Drug Enforcement Administration regulations by letting an informer keep and carry his own gun; on a day when his stool pigeon forgot his own piece, Louie The Actor graciously provided him one from the DEA’s own arsenal.

To read more go to Gang Land News. (Gang Land is a subscription-based website).

Border Patrol Agent Pleads Guilty to Letting Illegal Immigrants Enter Country for Bribes

Steve Neavling

A Border Patrol agent in California accused of allowing illegal immigrants entry into the country by accepting bribes pleaded guilty to several charges Thursday, Fox News reports.

Hector Rodriguez admitted he received bribes in the form of cash, luxury cars and the use of an apartment in exchange for letting immigrants pass the border at the San Ysidro Port-of-Entry, according to Fox News.

At one point, Rodriguez is accused of letting two vehicles packed with 14 immigrants pass through.

He is to be sentenced in July.

Driver Who Rammed Border Patrol Cars in Texas Pleads Guilty to Smuggling, Assault

Steve Neavling

An undocumented immigrant from Mexico pleaded guilty Thursday to assaulting a Border Patrol agent with a Ford F-250 truck and smuggling illegal immigrants, Border Scope reports.

Jose Alberto Izquierdo-Gonzalez , 26, is to remain in custody pending sentencing, which has not yet been set, according to Border Scope.

Izquierdo-Gonzalez is accused of ramming Border Patrol vehicles with his truck after they say they spotted him loading illegal immigrants into his truck.

One agent was injured, and some of the immigrants suffered minor injuries.


Border Patrol Supervisor Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Fellow Agent

Steve Neavling

A Border Patrol supervisor pleaded guilty to assaulting another agent in a work meeting at a field office in Port Angeles, Washington, the Peninsula Daily News reports. 

On Wednesday, Mauricio G. Benitez, 42, acknowledged he choked an acting field operations supervisor and pinned him against a chair, the Daily News wrote.

The plea was part of an agreement with prosecutors to avoid jail. In exchange for the plea, the Justice Department will seek three years of probation and possible angle management classes.

Benitez, who is on administrative leave, is to be sentenced June 5 at U.S. District Court in Tacoma, the Daily News reports.

Thief Surrenders Following High-Profile FBI-Involved Shooting in Chicago

Steve Neavling 

William Tapes, who fled authorities for three days after an FBI agent apparently opened fire on him in Chicago, has surrendered, CBS 2 Chicago reports.

“I was scared, you know, for my life. That’s why I hid,” Tapes told CBS 2 on Thursday. “I just got tired.”

According to Tapes, he was stealing hubcaps in a parking lot when two people approached him. He said he panicked and took off in a car before one of the agents apparently opened fire on this car, striking Tapes in the wrist and seriously injuring a passenger, CBS 2 reported. His car crashed into another vehicle, injuring two people.

Charges could be filed against Tapes today, CBS 2 reported.

“I just panicked and blacked out,” Tapes said.