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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for March 14th, 2013

Fed Employees Warned to Stay Away from App for Thrift Savings Plan


Officials are urging federal employees to steer clear of a new third-party application that may be fishing for personal information about their Thrift Savings Plan government retirement accounts.

“A free iPhone App, TSP Funds, currently being offered through the Apple App store asks TSP participants for their account login information,” TSP said in a statement. “This app is not being offered through the TSP and the TSP does not recommend using this application to access your TSP account. Providing this information could result in a security risk to your account.”

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J. Edgar Hoover’s ex-Top Aide Cartha “Deke” DeLoach Dead at 92

By Allan Lengel

Cartha “Deke” DeLoach, a former top aide to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, died Wednesday in South Carolina at age 92, the Island Packett newspaper reported.

He was a longtime resident of Hilton Head Island.

The paper reported that he worked on the investigation into the slaying of Martin Luther King Jr. and sat next to agent Mark Felt, who in recent years became known as “Deep Throat,” the source for the Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein during Watergate.

As deputy director under Hoover, the paper reported, he called President Johnson to tell him about the bodies of three slain civil rights workers in Mississippi.

He authored the book “Hoover’s FBI: The Inside Story by Hoover’s Trusted Lieutenant” and defended Hoover’s handling of civil rights matters, the paper reported.

He was also a consultant for the 2011 Clint Eastwood film on Hoover.

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FBI’s Probe of Dallas County District Attorney Began 20 Months Ago

Steve Neavling 

The FBI has been investigating Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins for at least 20 months, but the focus of the inquiry remains unclear, the WFAA News 8 reports.

News 8 reported that FBI agents with subpoenas and questions entered Watkins’ courthouse office on July 13, 2011.

One thing is clear, according to News 8: Part of the probe involves a $10,000 campaign donation from the wife of a Dallas dentist.

“They did take copies of several things,” assistant DA Rocky Jones told News 8. “We didn’t know what they took copies of.”

Watkins has already been in hot water of campaign donations.

Key Republican Congressman Wants Answers on Report of Racism at Justice Department

Steve Neavling

A report that chronicled “hostile, racist and inappropriate behavior” among Justice Department employees has prompted a senior Republican in Congress to question why the workers are still employed, the Washington Times repots.

Sen. Chuck Grassley’s inquiry follows an alarming report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who found ideological differences that were disrupting the Civil Rights Division.

The Washington Times wrote that the report detailed the premature dismissal of a case against the New Black Panthers.

The report details problems dating back to President Clinton and persisting through the administrations of George W. Bush and Obama.

Colorado Fugitive Joins the FBI’s ‘Ten Most Wanted Fugitives’ list in Connection with Stabbing

Steve Neavling 

Meet the FBI’s newest member of the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list.

His name is Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias, a 28-year-old man with ties to a violent international gang, ABC News reports.

Rivera Gracias is wanted in the stabbing death of Denver resident Richard Limon, whose half-naked body was found on Lookout Mountain in Colorado.

Gracias’ body was thrown from the side of a mountain road after being stabbed in the chest with a steak knife, ABC News reported.

The FBI is expected to announce Gracias’ addition to the “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list today.

Opinion: Why ATF Should Be Permitted to Track Gun Sales Via Computers


ATF photo

By Constantine von Hoffman

In a time when drinking water is a politically polarizing issue it is hardly surprising gun control in America is practically bringing people to blows. There is a simple solution to the problem. Unfortunately it requires looking at facts.

First there is the fact that the term “gun control” is utter nonsense.

As of 2007 civilians in the United States owned approximately 294 million firearms: 106 million handguns, 105 million rifles and 83 million shotguns, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. That is nearly one gun for every legal resident, making the United States the most heavily-armed nation in the world.

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Justice Department to Investigate Cleveland Police on Complaint of Excessive Force

Steve Neavling

The Justice Department plans to announce it is investigating excessive force within the Cleveland Police Department, WXYC Channel 3 reports.

The probe involves a police pursuit in November when Cleveland cops fired 137 bullets at an unarmed man and woman.

WXYC reported that a news conference is expected today to announce the investigation.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson has requested assistance from the Justice Department.