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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Inside a Serial Killer’s Mind: FBI Releases Blood-Soaked Prose of Admitted Alaskan Serial Killer

Steve Neavling

The FBI released blood-soaked, handwritten prose found beneath the body of an admitted serial killer in Alaska.

While the writings don’t shed more light on his crimes, they open a window into the mind of an obsessed murderer, CNN reports.

Israel Keyes, who killed himself in jail in December, said he killed at least eight people.

Some of the writings appear to allude to taking a life.

“Your wet lips were a promise of a secret unspoke,” Keyes wrote. “Nervous laugh it burst like a pulse of blood from your throat. There will be no more laughter here.”


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FBI Appears to Be Targeting New Jersey Sen. Menendez Over Gifts, Prostitutes

By Steve Neavling

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez appears to be the focus of a criminal investigation that also resulted in a raid last month against an eye doctor accused of lavishing the Democrat with gifts and young prostitutes, two bureau sources told the Daily Caller.

The Caller wrote that the FBI’s inquiry has changed focus to New Jersey from Miami, where the doctor is based, suggesting Menendez is the ultimate target.

Menendez has forcefully denied any involvement with prostitutes of any age, though he recently reimbursed Melgen $58,500 for two private jet trips to the Dominican Republican in 2010.

The probe began in Miami.

Menendez has adamantly denied any wrongdoing.


Report: Border Patrol Shot, Killed Mexican Teen from Behind

The Border Patrol has maintained its agent opened fire on a 16-year-old because he was throwing rocks at authorities from the Mexican border to Arizona.   

But the USA Today is reporting that ten of the 11 bullets that struck Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez in October hit him from behind, according to a report by medical examiners for the Sonora attorney general’s office. 

Border Patrol and the FBI, which is investigating the case, declined to comment.

“The only way I can fathom that report is that he was lying on his face when he was hit,” said Luis Parra, an attorney representing the Elena Rodriguez family.

Since January 2010, Border Patrol has killed 19 people – all but two along the U.S. -Mexican border.

Two Border Patrol Agents Accused of Sex Act in Public Deny Wrongdoing

By Steve Neavling

Two Border Patrol agents accused of performing oral sex in front of a busy crowd at the Cirque Du Soleil performance in Del Mar, Calif. in May testified they did nothing wrong, ABC 10 News reports.

The only intimacy was hugging and kissing, Kallie Helwig, 25, and 35-year old Gerald Torello said ABC 10 reported.

A fight ensued after a woman confronted the couple about the behavior, prosecutors said.

Authorities say Helwig punched the woman several times.

Former Head of FBI’s New York City Office to Share His Account of Sept. 11, 2001

Barry Mawn/from bbc video

Steve Neavling

The head of the FBI’s New York office during the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks will share his horrifying experience of being at ground zero and watching the towers fall at an event in Florida, the Palm Beach Post reports.

Barry Mawn plans to also talk about the aftermath of the attack at the Boys & Girls Club of Martin County on Feb. 18 in an effort to raise money for the group, the Post reported.

“During the summer of 2001, there was a lot of intelligence indicating that Al Qaeda would strike again,” he told the Post. “We were all pretty focused on that would be overseas because they had done the embassy bombings in Africa and they had attacked the U.S.S. Cole. When the Twin Towers got hit, that was obviously a surprise to us, that they had attacked us in the United States.”

Mawn said he nearly died twice on Sept. 11 – a story he may discuss further at the event.