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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Chef Mills has been working in the restaurant industry since

He could hurt my child. Sunday, firefighters pulled Moreno from the Connecticut River. A search began to find the child.Mom: afraid he going to do something to my son show that a temporary restraining order was applied for on June 17.A document dated that same day and signed by Connecticut State Marshal for Middlesex County Hiram Fuchs states that Fuchs went to Moreno address after Oyola sister posted messages on Facebook saying that her sister wrote that Moreno had taken the baby without Oyola permission.Fuchs talked with Moreno mother Cheap Celine, who said she didn know where he was.has no car and no job, and had smashed his own phone earlier that day, the document reads.left the order of protection with the respondent mother who said she was trying to locate him and the child, it says.The mother said she would bring the child to Middletown Police Department.

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Mobster Whitey Bulger Befriended Ordinary Neighbor in Big Mistake Before Arrest

Updated Bulger photo/wbur

 Steve Neavling 

John Bond thought it was odd for the old man to stop by several times a week, sometimes with gifts, to tell him stories.

It didn’t occur to him that the old man was James “Whitey” Bulger, one of the most wanted men in America, Salon wrote in a lengthy narrative of how the mob boss made critical mistakes that led to his arrest.

The friendship lasted through 2011, when federal authorities amped up their search for Bulger. 

When authorities learned of Bulger’s whereabouts, Bond received a knock at the door.

Friendly-Fire Shooting of FBI Agent Barry Bush Should Not Have Happened, New Report Shows

Slain Agent Barry Lee Bush/fbi photo

Steve Neavling 

It was an error that cost FBI agent Barry Bush his life on April 5, 2007.

A new detailed report of the friendly-fire shooting shows numerous mistakes under very confusing circumstances, the Leigh Valley Express-Times reports.

Bush, a veteran FBI agent, was supposed to perform surveillance on suspected bank robbers until a SWAT team took over.

But a command post ordered Bush to close in on one of the suspect’s cars, not knowing that SWAT was preparing to do the same thing.

Turns out, SWAT and Bush had separate written orders that were not communicated.

Mistaking Bush for one of the suspected robbers, a SWAT agent shot and killed the 52-year-old, the Express Times reported.

FBI Special Agent Accused of Compromising Task Force with Woman in Georgia

Steve Neavling

FBI Special Agent Ken Hillman was leaving a bar with the wife of a local millionaire last year when he avoided arrest by convincing the responding officer to take him home, the Times Free Press reports


The article does not say that Hillman was drinking but implies that.

On top of that,  the  woman, Angela Russell, who is not a certified law enforcement officer in Georgia, says she worked on a task force that cracks down on online offers for underage sex, the Times Free Press wrote.

Some defense attorneys are now questioning whether Russell compromised any of the dozens of cases.

“[These allegations] definitely damage the credibility of this task force and everything it’s doing,” said defense attorney Shawn Bible, who represents several suspects arrested recently by the FBI task force.

Retired Secret Service Agent Rex Scouten, Known for His Long Service, Died at 88

Steve Neavling 

Rex Scouten served 10 families as a Secret Service agent and was so popular that then-President Ronald Reagan named his dog “Rex” in honor of the Scouten.

The Washington Post reports that Scouten, who lived in Fairfax, VA., died Wednesday at a local hospital at the age of 88.

Harry S. Truman was president when Scouten first became a Secret Service agent. He continued the job through Bill Clinton’s presidency, the Post reported.

Scouten was promoted in 1969 to chief usher, a post he held until 1986.

The Post wrote that Scouten retired briefly before becoming the White House curator at President Reagan’s request.