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Archive for January 24th, 2013

FBI Agent Denies Using Tax Dollars to Pay for Prostitutes in Weapon Smuggling Case in Philippines

Steve Neavling

An FBI agent accused of using public funds to pay for prostitutes for himself and the people he was investigating in the Philippines denied wrongdoing Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reports. 

Agent Charles Ro was working undercover investigating weapons smuggling when he befriended three Filipino nationals by taking them to karaoke bars where women were topless, the LA Times reported.

Three suspects later arrested in the investigation claim Ro induced them to cooperate in smuggling weapons.

Defense attorneys, who were hoping to get the case thrown out, said Ro committed “outrageous government conduct.”

Ro said he was unaware of the Filipinos using money for prostitutes and said he doubts it happened, the LA Times reported.

DEA: Marijuana Legalization Will Lead to Increased Drug Use and Availability of Pot

Steve Neavling

The DEA maintains the legalization of marijuana in some states and cities would increase drug use and make marijuana more available, according to a federal report released Wednesday, Huffington Post reports.

“Recently, efforts to legalize marijuana have increased. Keeping marijuana illegal reduces its availability and lessens willingness to use it,” the DEA said in a financial recortds for fiscal year 2012. “Legalizing marijuana would increase accessibility and encourage promotion and acceptance of drug use.”

Recently passed laws legalizing recreational marijuana in Colorado, Washington and some cities are a challenge to the DEA, which yields to federal laws that ban the use of marijuana in all cases.

President Obama said decriminalized pot won’t be a priority for his administration, the Huffington Post reported.

FBI: Teen Accused of Trying to Detonate Bomb in Portland Also Wanted to Live Regular College Life

Steve Neavling 

A teenager on trial for trying to blow up what he thought was a bomb at an event in Portland, Oregon was “conflicted and manipulable,” the FBI acknowledged in an early assessment of the suspect, the Associated Press reports.

Mohamed Mohamud’s attorney has been trying to paint the suspect as a naive, harmless teenager who was manipulated by overzealous FBI agents.

But prosecutors Wednesday sought to depict him as an extremist bent on killing.

One email assessment by FBI Special Agent Isaac DeLong said Mohamud “wants to have it both ways” – as an extremist and binge-drinking college student, the AP wrote.

Judge To Let FBI Agent Off Hook If He Stays Out of Trouble: Agent Accused of Taking Off Pants and Making Lewd Gestures on Highway

Steve Neavling

A judge may drop charges against an off-duty FBI agent accused of dropping his pants and making lewd gestures at a truck driver on I-90 in New York, WIVB reports.

A judge said Wednesday that John Yervelli Jr.’s charge of indecency would be dropped if he stays out of trouble for at least six months, WIVB reported.

Yervelli was arrested after a truck driver spotted him driving without pants on the NYS Thruway, according to WIVB.

Yervelli continues to work at the FBI and is getting counseling, WIVB wrote.

Justice Department’s Head of Criminal Division Lanny Breuer to Resign Soon

Steve Neavling 

The Justice Department’s expert on public corruption and financial fraud is leaving the federal government, the Washington Post reports.

Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, head of the criminal division,  is calling it quits,  the Post reports.

Breuer has been praised for aggressively pursuing white-collar crime and beefing up the division’s involvement in money-laundering case.

The Post wrote that Breuer’s “days in office are winding down.”

Breuer used to be a prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office, becoming versed in white-collar crimes.

It’s unclear why he’s stepping down.