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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for January 16th, 2013

President Obama to Nominate B. Todd Jones as Permanent ATF Director

Todd Jones

By Allan Lengel

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he plans to nominate B. Todd Jones as the permanent director of ATF, the National Journal reported.

Jones was installed as the acting director in Sept. 11, 2011 as part of a house-cleaning effort after Operation Fast and Furious became a major controversy and liability to the agency.

Since 2006, the Journal reported, the director job has required Senate approval. No one has been confirmed since then and the agency has operated with acting directors.

Pro-gun lobbying groups like the NRA have been behind efforts to undermine the confirmation of ATF directors.

But since the Connecticut shootings, the NRA’s influence in Washington may have suffered.



Mob sweep! Feds round up 30 suspected Wise-Guys in Garbage-Hauling Industry Probe


NEW YORK –Thirty mobbed-up suspects – including a ringleader known as “Papa Smurf” – were arrested Wednesday in a probe of the garbage-hauling industry, authorities said.

The purported wise guys – members of the Gambino, Lucchese and Genovese organized crime families – were busted in a federal racketeering investigation, officials said.

The suspects were due in Manhattan Federal Court later Wednesday. Two additional suspects are expected to surrender.

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Oklahoma Man Accused of Making Online Threats Over Gun Control Efforts

Steve Neavling

An Oklahoma man angry over efforts to ban assault rifles is in hot water for what the FBI considers threats of violence, the Associated Press reports.

Police said 34-year-old Glenn A. Kirkham alarmed people from the U.S. and Canada when he spoke about using weapons such as knives, a .357 revolver and even a truck, the AP wrote.

The Monday post on, an online forum for people to speak on a variety of topics, began with: “Watch the new in about 1-2 hours. Casper Wyoming.”

The poster also said, “So I’m using my life to prove a point for you all, to show everyone that a very high score can be racked up using rather primitive weapons and even household objects. I’d like to see them ban all of the above.”

Kirkham, who was arrested on a charge of transmitting an international threat, told an investigator he had “posted a work of artistic falsehood,” not a real threat.

Analyst Who Mocked FBI’s Crackdown on Insider Trading Gets More Than 4 Years in Prison

Steve Neavling 

A former research analyst apparently thought he was untouchable when the FBI began investigating him.

John Kinnucan publicly mocked the bureau’s probe, calling agents “fresh-faced eager beavers.”

Then on Tuesday, a federal judge sentenced Kinnucan to more than four years in prison for insider trading, CNN reports.

Kinnucan, who was outspokenly critical of the government’s insider-trading crackdown, is accused of making at least 25 threats to law enforcement officials over the course of the investigation, CNN wrote.

Kinnucan  “made repeated references to genocide, sexual and other forms of violence” and also tried to talk with witnesses in the case, the FBI said.

“Today’s sentence of John Kinnucan is a fitting conclusion to a criminal odyssey that began with the buying and selling of inside information and evolved into a vile and very public campaign to threaten public servants and obstruct the federal investigation into Kinnucan’s conduct,” Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement

Would-Be Portland Bomber Made Good Bye Video Before Pulling Trigger

Mohamed Mohamud

Steve Neavling

Before pulling the switch on what he thought was a bomb at a tree-lighting event in Portland, Mohamed Mohamud posed before a camera wearing a camouflage jacket and red scarf, saying his goodbyes, the Oregonian reports.

The video was shown during the second day of testimony in the trial of Mohamud, who is accused of trying to ignite a weapon of mass destruction on Nov. 26, 2010. 

“Did you think you could invade a Muslim land and we would not invade you?” Mohamud asked, according to the Oregonian.

His attorney claims the government entrapped his client, who never would have considered detonating a bomb if it were not for the prodding of FBI informants, the Oregonian reports.

FBI: Guns Involved in More Than 75% of Justifiable Homicides in U.S. in 2011

Steve Neavling 

Three out of four justifiable homicides involved firearms, CNN reports, citing the FBI’s unified crime report

Of the 260 justified homicides in 2011, 201 involved a gun.

The rate is much higher among police, CNN reported.

Guns were involved in 99.2% of justifiable homicides, or 390 out of 393.

The statistics will likely be cited by gun-rights groups who say firearms are an effective defensive tool, according to CNN.

Sidelined for Blowing the Whistle on ATF, Special Agent Now Hailed As Hero

Steve Neavling 

ATF Special Agent John Dodson, who was sidelined after blowing the whistle on the botched gun-running operation Fast and Furious, has been cleared by his bosses and now is considered a hero, Fox News reports.

John Dodson has been cleared of any wrongdoing, was praised by Congress for bringing the botched operation to the public, Fox News wrote.

“I fully appreciate that you took the courageous step of going to Congress to ensure that the public learned of the flawed tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious,” Deputy Director Tom Brandon said to Dodson.

“Although it took some time, the basic truth is now known to all: Throughout Operation Fast and Furious, agents and prosecutors failed to ensure that firearms were interdicted from straw purchasers and traffickers whenever there was a legal basis and opportunity to do so,” Brandon said.


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