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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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FBI, Facebook Track Down International Crime Ring That Stole $850 Million from Computer Users

Steve Neavling 

FBI agents, with the help of Facebook, cracked one of the largest cybercrime cases in history, arresting 10 people accused of infecting computers with malicious software and then stealing their bank and other personal information worth $850 million, Reuters reports.

Agents were assisted by Facebook’s security team after users of the social networking giant were victimized by the theft, Reuters wrote.

Its “security systems were able to detect affected accounts and provide tools to remove these threats,” the FBI told Reuters.

The 10 people arrested came from Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, New Zealand, Peru, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.

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Homeland Security Loaning Drones to Local Police at Increasing Rate

Steve Neavling 

A North Dakota farm is not where you’d expect to see a Predator drone.

But Homeland Security loaned the drones – up to $34 million in value – to local authorities who wanted to spy on a farmer who was engaged in a standoff with police.

Since the August 2011 incident, the Washington Guardian reports, Homeland Security has increasingly been lending its unarmed drones to local police.

Some worry that the use of drones amounts to domestic spying and the militarization of local police forces, the Guardian explained.

Homeland Security plans to begin helping local authorities buy smaller drone-style machines, the Guardian reported.


Special Agent in FBI’s Buffalo Office Accused of Flashing a Truck Driver

Steve Neavling

 A truck driver says a special agent with the FBI’s Buffalo office was driving without pants and making lewd gestures Friday, the Buffalo News reports.

If convicted, the agent, John A. Yervelli, 48, faces up to 30 days behind bars.

According to a police report, a car driven by Yervelli “pulled up next to his truck, turned on the dome light and displayed that he was not wearing pants, while making lewd gestures,” the Buffalo News wrote.

The newspaper wrote that Yervelli was part of a large-scale investigation of guns, narcotics and gang activity in Buffalo that netted federal charges against 27 people in 2010.

FBI Headquarters Sits on Prime Real Estate That Could Fetch Money for New Facility

Steve Neavling

 The FBI’s headquarters may be a crumbling eyesore, but it sits on prime real estate – midway between the White House and the U.S. Capitol.

With tight budgets, the federal government is hoping it can land big bucks for the space underneath the J. Edgar Hoover building to help offset the costs of building a more modern facility in a yet-to-be-determined location, the Associated Press reports.

The General Services Administration, which oversees all federal buildings, is asking developers to envision building a new headquarters in exchange for the headquarters and its land, the AP reported.

We’re testing the marketplace,” the GSA’s acting administrator, Dan Tangherlini, told the AP. “We think we have very valuable property. How much is it worth?”

Former FBI Agent, Wife Face Prison Today in Investment Fraud Case That Targeted Seniors

Steve Neavling

 A former FBI agent and his wife face prison time Tuesday  for preying on seniors in an investment fraud case, the Associated Press reports.

John and Sara Graves, of Fredericksburg, Va., were convicted in April of mail fraud, conspiracy and four counts of wire fraud.

Prosecutors said the couple opened an investment company in 2003 and used the funds of elderly people to buy real estate and other personal belongings, the AP wrote.

John Graves faces up to 17 and a half years under federal sentencing guidelines. His wife faces nine years.

Defense attorneys are calling for no more than five years for the former FBI agent and home confinement for his wife, the AP wrote.

Hate Crimes Drop Nationwide in 2011, But More Attacks Against Gays, Lesbians

Steve Neavling

 Fewer people reported hate crimes in 2011, but those based on sexual orientation rose, the FBI said Monday.

Reported hate crimes dropped 6%, to about 6,200, according to the recently released Hate Crime Statistics.

About half the hate crimes were racially motivated and predominately targeted African Americans.

In a press release, the Anti-Defamation League expressed concern over the rise in hate crimes directed at gays and lesbians.

“The increase in the number of reported hate crimes directed against gays and lesbians, now the second most frequent category of crime, is especially disturbing,” the ADL statement read.

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