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FBI Kept Tabs on Soviet Dictator Josef Stalin’s Only Daughter

Joseph Stalin

Steve Neavling

The FBI monitored Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s only daughter after she defected to the United States in 1967, newly declassified documents show, the Associated Press reports.

The documents show FBI agents were gathering information to find out how Lana Peters’ arrival to the U.S. was affecting relations with other countries.

One source said the impact was “profound.”

“Our source opined that the United States Government exhibited a high degree of maturity, dignity and understanding during this period,” according to the memo, the AP wrote. “It cannot help but have a profound effect upon anyone who is considering a similar solution to an unsatisfactory life in a Soviet bloc country.”

Peters lived a relatively quiet life before she died in a nursing home in 2011.

CBP Officer Sentenced to Probation in Gun-Buying Scheme

Steve Neavling

A CBP officer who bought guns at local sporting goods stores for other people and then lied about it was sentenced Monday to fives years on probation, the Associated Press reports.

Manuel Eduardo Pena had faced up to five years in prison after prosecutors say he bought hunting rifles for other people and lied to authorities when asked about it, the AP reported.

A federal jury convicted Pena in August of two counts of making a false statement on a firearms record and one count of making a false statement to a federal authority.

The AP wrote that Pena is on unpaid leave.

4 Men With Ties to California Held in Terrorist Plot

By Allan Lengel

The FBI announced Monday night that it had busted four men -, including one who served in the Air Force —  who allegedly plotted to join Qaeda and the Taliban to commit “violent jihad” and bomb military bases and government facilities,  the Los Angeles Times reported.

The four men had ties to southern California.

A criminal complaint alleges that one of the men Sohiel Omar Kabir, 34, traveled in July to Afghanistan, where he arranged for terrorist training to be conducted with Al Qaeda and Taliban operatives.

The complaint, according to the LA Times, also alleged that Kabir introduced Ontario, Calif. resident Ralph Deleon, 23, and Upland, Calif., resident Miguel Alejandro Santana, 21, to “radical and violent Islamic doctrine.”

To read the full story click here.


FBI Looking for New Employees at Field Office in Motor City

Steve Neavling

The job market may be suffering in Detroit, but not at its FBI office.

The FBI is searching for special agents, intelligence analysts and interns to work at its field office in Detroit, WWJ reports.

“We’re looking for special agents who have either an extended degree or a degree with at least three years work experience. We’re looking for interns who are either in grad school or will be juniors next year,” Special Agent Laura Watters said told WWJ. ”And for the intelligence position, we’re looking for folks who are ready to move on, possibly relocating in March when the position is posted.”

For more information on the jobs click here.


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Ex-FBI Agent investigates Spending at Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

David Gentile

Steve Neavling

 A former FBI agent who pursued mobsters is serving as a watchdog over hundreds of millions of dollars used by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission as the agency’s compliance chief, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.

David A. Gentile is paid $152,000 a year in his new role, which is focused more on overseeing big spending on projects that employee malfaesence.

“While it’s necessary to handle allegations involving (misconduct), I want to turn our attention on more substantive matters — issues that have a substantial impact on the commission’s bottom line,” Gentile, of Laurel Springs, N.J., told the Tribune-Review.

Among those, Gentile said, is ensuring that contracts stay within budget. When they don’t, he investigates.

CBP Draws Criticism for Trying to Buy Up to 24 More Drones

istock photo

Steve Neavling

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection has drawn attention for its plan to buy up to 24 more drones, despite criticism that the unmanned spy planes have many problems, California Watch reports.

The concerns prompted the Homeland Security inspector general’s office in June to urge CBP to stop buying the drones until authorities have a better handle on the planes’ budget and why they are frequently grounded in inclement weather.

“Yet Customs and Border Protection still wants more of them – up to 24 total – to patrol over land on the northern and southern borders and along coastal regions to help catch drug traffickers and undocumented migrants sneaking into the country, and apparently wants to be ready to buy more drones if and when Congress gives it the green light,” the watchdog group wrote.

A recent Congressional report predicts that the number of drones in the domestic skies could reach 30,000 in the next 20 years, according to California Watch.

FBI May Have Trouble Selling FBI Headquarters for Adequate Price

Steve Neavling

 There’s one problem with the plan to buy a new headquarters for the FBI: The federal government might not be able to afford it, reports Federal Times.

Under consideration is trading the current headquarters building in Southwest Washington and swap it for another property.

“The government probably will offer the site in exchange for a new FBI building, rather than as an outright sale,” Bob Peck, former public buildings commissioner at GSA, told the Federal Times.

The current building, however, likely would be leveled to make way for something new because most developers don’t consider the headquarters to be worthy of renovation, the Federal Times reported.

A 2011 estimate by the Government Services Administration placed the cost of a new FBI headquarters at $1.5 billion, compared to $850 million to $1.1 billion to rehab the current building, which still wouldn’t meet security needs, according to the Federal Times.

Selling the current headquarters, the GAO predicts, would bring in $400 million to $600 million.