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Grand Jury to Investigate Helicopter Shooting of Two Immigrants in Pick Up Truck

 Steve Neavling

A grand jury will probe the deaths of two Guatemalan immigrants in Texas shot from a police helicopter in October, Fox News reports.

The grand jury is to determine whether charges should be filed after a Texas Department of Public Service helicopter killed two immigrants hiding in the bed of a truck.

A Guatemalan diplomat alleges Texas agents were close enough to the truck to know people, not drugs, were in the truck, Fox News reported.

Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra called for the grand jury.

Feds Scoff at ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s Claims He Had Immunity to Kill

Whitey Bulger/fbi

Steve Neavling

Federal prosecutors slammed mobster James “Whitey” Bulger’s claims the government gave him immunity to kill, the Boston Herald reports.

“Put simply, someone who thought he had immunity would not pay a corrupt FBI agent thousands of dollars in cash, as Stephen Flemmi has admitted that he and Bulger paid to John Connolly,” the feds state in court papers filed Wednesday.

Feds said it’s laughable that any law enforcement officials would allow someone to go on a murder spree with no consequences, the Boston Herald wrote.

Bulger’s attorney also says he need more time to examine heaps of evidence, including 366,000 pages of documents, wiretaps, phone calls and videos.


American Muslims Continue to Use Terrorist Recruiting Pipeline to Somalia

Steve Neavling

 Young Muslim Americans continue to be lured by terrorists to East Africa to join the ranks of jihadists, ABC News reports. As recently as July, two Americans are believed to have left Minneapolis for Somalia to join al-Shabaab, a terrorist group, ABC News reported.

The FBI has been investigating for years the terrorist recruiting pipeline from Minneapolis, where a large population of Somalis live, to Somalia, according toFox News.

Approximately 40 Americans joined Somali terrorists, according to a 2011 Congressional report.

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