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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for November 29th, 2012

Lawsuit: DEA Agents Bust into Wrong House, Injuring the Homeowners

Steve Neavling

 During a raid, DEA agents in Texas knocked the homeowner unconscious, sent his wife into an epileptic fit and seized the children at gunpoint.

There’s one small problem: It was the wrong house.

That’s according to a recent lawsuit filed by Guillermo and Alejandra Ramirez, which are seeking $3 million in damages for false imprisonment, assault, negligent investigation and negligent surveillance, reports the Courthouse News.

They said the DEA acknowledged the mistake and apologized.

Justice Department Opts Not to Appeal 37-Year-Sentence of Al-Qaida-Trained Terrorist

Steve Neavling 

An al-Qaida-trained terrorist convicted of a plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airport at the millennium will retain his 37-year sentence after the Justice Department opted not to appeal the punishment, the Associated Press reports.

The Justice Department had called for the death penalty, but said it’s satisfied because Ahmed Ressam will be behind bars until he’s older than 60.

After serving his sentence, Ressam, who was caught driving into the U.S. from Canada with a trunk full of explosives, will be deported to Algeria, where he faces additional charges, the AP reported.

Ressam’s lawyers also chose not to appeal.



Black Friday Gun Sales Are So Popular They Crash the FBI’s Background Check System

Steve Neavling

Record gun sales on Black Friday this year caused the FBI’s background check system to crash twice, ABC News reports.

The FBI checked 154,873 backgrounds, a 20% spike over last year.

“The call centers experienced two short outages – one of 14 minutes and one of 18 minutes,” FBI spokesman Stephen Fischer told ABC News.

Background checks are required to determine whether the buyer has mental issues, felonies or other red flags for gun ownership.

The glitch, however, did not cause major delays, ABC New reported.

FBI Documents: Ex-Boston Mayor Kevin White Was Targeted for Payoff Schemes

Steve Neavling 

Recently uncovered FBI files on former Boston Mayor Kevin White show his administration was the target of a federal corruption probe in the 1970s, the Boston Globe reports.

Among the claims, which never led to charges, were that White pressured businesses to donate money in exchange for work in the city.

The documents largely detail alleged payoff schemes, the Globe reported.

A memo to the FBI director stated prosecutors didn’t believe evidence was “solid enough” to level charges.

DEA Agents Find Crack-Smoking Doctor in Filthy House

Steve Neavling

DEA agents are used to low-life criminals.

But during a raid this week in a New York house riddled with needles and crack, agents found Dr. Daniel Gillick, a 62-year-old emergency room doctor, lighting up a crack pipe with a young female companion, Buffalo News reports.

Gillick’s status as a doctor prompted the U.S. Attorney’s Office to speed up the case.

“This is a public safety concern,” Dale M. Kasprzyk, agent in charge of the regional DEA office, told the Buffalo News. “We wanted to cut off any possible access to hospitals, prescriptions and prescription drugs as soon as possible. … We want to make sure this doctor was using good judgment and was using proper medical procedures in treating his patients.”

Gillick was appeared in court Wednesday on a charge of crack cocaine possession, the Buffalo News reported.


New boss Sergio Bucher says he wants shopping in Debenhams to

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Santa’s Helper, a Giant Elf, a Cuban Inmate Uprising and the Salvation Army

By Greg Stejskal

This is a Christmas story, but it really began just before Thanksgiving in 1987, at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta.

The Cuban inmates had rioted and had taken control of a sizeable portion of the penitentiary. The catalyst for the riots happened years before that in 1980.

The Mariel boatlift, a massive exodus of Cuban refugees from Cuba to the US, had among its refugees, convicted criminals. Fidel Castro had apparently thought the boatlift was an opportune time to decrease his prison over-crowding.

Upon arrival in the US those Cubans who were determined to be criminals were detained and placed in US penitentiaries with no clear plan as to what to do with them in the long term.

This uncertain future led predictably to unrest and ultimately to the prison riots.

When the inmates rioted and took control of part of the Atlanta Penitentiary, they also took some of the staff hostage.

The FBI was tasked with negotiating with the inmates and providing SWAT teams should it become necessary to retake control of the penitentiary by force and rescue the hostages.

SWAT teams from many of the large offices were called to respond to Atlanta. Our Detroit team was one of those teams.

So on a cold, rainy November night, an Air Force C-141, flying a circuit, landed at Detroit Metro Airport to pick up our team. Already on board were teams from Pittsburgh and Cleveland. We arrived in Atlanta early the next morning.

The Atlanta Penitentiary is a foreboding place. It was built in phases beginning in the late 1800s, into the first few decades of the 1900s.

It has 60-foot walls with watch towers on each corner. Upon our arrival we climbed to the top of one of the watch towers and looked down into the prison yard. It looked like a scene from a post-apocalyptic “Mad Max” movie.

Inmates were walking around the yard, all carrying homemade weapons: long-knives, swords, etc., made from scrap metal and sharpened on some of the prison machine tools.

After seeing that scene, we all assumed we were going to be in Atlanta for awhile. We knew we would prevail if it came to having to use force. After all they had made the critical tactical mistake of bringing knives to a gun fight. But they had hostages and a large supply of non-perishable food in their control.

The next morning I was walking to the Penitentiary administration building for the shift change briefing when I saw a tent where free coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts were being served. It was the Salvation Army tent. The Salvation Army was there every day of the insurrection including Thanksgiving serving coffee, donuts, smiles and kind words. I’ve been on a lot of SWAT operations, but I had never been offered coffee, donuts or kind words from the neighborhood in which we were operating.

Knowing the Salvation Army was there for us, had me thinking that I owed this selfless organization a debt – a pay it forward kind of thing.

The penitentiary insurrection was resolved peacefully after about two weeks. The key factor was that no social order was developed among the inmates just anarchy. They went through several months food supply in days. (There are a lot of good stories from the “siege” of the Atlanta Penitentiary, but those can be told another time.) We all went back to our respective homes.

I didn’t forget the Salvation Army’s generosity. I decided every holiday season for a few hours, I would volunteer to ring the bell and tend the red kettle in my hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Some years later, I was ringing the bell at a local super market with my wife. We had both donned our Santa hats and were wearing the Salvation Army issue red vests. It was snowing lightly, the Christmas lights were shining and Christmas carols were playing on the stores PA system.

We were at one door of the store greeting shoppers and collecting donations in our kettle, when all of a sudden there was a commotion at the other door.

A man ran out of the store. He was closely followed by two other men in white butcher smocks. The men in the smocks tackled the man in the parking lot. They were trying to hold him down, but he was struggling & screaming as they pulled several cuts of meat from under his coat. The erstwhile meat thief continued to yell, flail and kick.

I turned to my wife and said, “I should probably go help them.” I kept flex-cuffs (large heavy duty zip-ties) in my car. I grabbed some flex-cuffs, walked over and knelt next to the struggling man.

He was facing away from me. In my “soothing,” authoritative voice, that I used for arrests and reading someone their rights, I told him, we could let him up, but he needed to let me put these cuffs on him.

The man turned his head to look at me, and his eyes got very big.

I’m about 6’4” and weighed about 235 lbs. I had forgotten I was wearing a Santa hat and a big red vest. After staring at me for a few moments, he asked, “who are you?” I smiled and replied, “I’m Santa’s helper.”

He immediately stopped fighting and struggling. He submissively allowed me to place the cuffs on him. The butchers and I stood him up, and he placidly waited for the police to arrive.

I have often thought there might be some profound Dickens type message to be derived from this incident. I don’t know if the meat thief was stealing prime rib for his family, sort of a protein version of Jean Valjean, or maybe he was planning to host a barbecue at a homeless enclave.

There is certainly some irony in collecting donations for the Salvation Army at one door of a grocery store, and at the same time, to have an economically disadvantaged meat thief fleeing from the other door.

Maybe the message is as simple as, if you’re poor and hungry at Christmas time, there are places other than your local grocery store you can go that care, like the Salvation Army.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

This column first ran last Christmas season.