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Archive for November 9th, 2012

Ex-Fla. Chief of ICE Anthony Mangione Gets 70 Months in Prison for Child Porn

By Allan Lengel

The former head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Southern Florida was sentenced Friday to 5 years and 10 months in federal prison on a child pornography charge.

The Sun-Sentinel newspaper reported that Anthony Mangione, 52, pleaded guilty in July to e-mailing child pornography to a former school bus driver in Delaware.

The paper reported that the feds alleged that he had up to 150 images of child pornography, some depicting the “extreme abuse of children.”

He was put on administrative leave in April 2011.



Weekend Series on Crimes: Prison Gangs

Judge Delays Whitey Bulger Trial til June 6

Boston Mobster Whitey Bulger

By Allan Lengel
A federal judge has delayed the trial of Boston mobster Whitey Bulger until June 6, the Boston Herald reports.

Bulger, who had been hospitalized for chest pains, and was released earlier this week, was set to go to trial this week.

“The complexity of the case, the multiplicity of defendants, the uncovering of a corrupt relationship between Bulger and rogue agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as a number of related civil cases, have resulted in an accumulation of evidence …” the judge wrote in citing one reason for the delay, the Herald reported.

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Home Depot Worker Charged on Accusations of Planting Bomb in Store for Ransom Money

Steve Neavling 

A Home Depot worker has been arrested for threatening to detonate bombs inside the stores unless he received $2 million in ransom money, the New York Daily News reports.

Daniel Patrick Sheehan, 50, threatened to shut down all Long Island stores on Black Friday by detonating three pipe bombs inside Home Depots, the Daily News wrote.

Police found one working pipe bomb.

After lowering his ransom demand to $1 million, Sheehan sent another letter saying he would pick up the money while being “wired up like a Christmas tree,” the Daily News reported, citing a complaint unsealed in Long Island Federal Court.

Sheehan was caught after police traced his phone number when he called to complain that the money drop was crawling with cops in late October.

Former ICE Leader Set to Be Sentenced on Child Porn Charge Today

Steve Neavling

The former special agent in charge of ICE’s South Florida office is set to be sentenced today on a child pornography charge, WPTV reports.

Anthony Mangione, who was a leading crusader against child pornography, faces a mandatory sentence of at least five years in prison, according to WPTV.

Authorities recently said they also discovered that Mangione used his ICE expertise to wipe clean 150 pieces of child porn from his personal computer.

Mangione’s attorney said his client suffers from a mental disorder that makes him sexually attracted to children, WPTV reported.


President Obama Set to Replace Mueller As FBI Director in What Could Be a Difficult Appointment

Robert Mueller

Steve Neavling 

 President Obama will soon decide on a successor for Robert Mueller, the longest-serving FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover, the USA Today reports.

Replacing Mueller, who is set to leave in 2013 after Congress extended his 10-year term at Obama’s request, won’t be easy for an agency that investigates crime globally, federal law enforcement analysts told the USA Today.

The FBI Agents Association said new leadership must understand the agency’s many focuses, “from Bloods street gangs to mortgage fraud to Russian sleeper cells.”

Don Borelli, a former assistant agent-in-charge of the FBI’s New York division, said the next director needs to be well-rounded and able to steer a big ship.

“The biggest challenges facing the next director are organizational,” he told the USA Today. “It’s how you direct a large organization, provide it the resources it needs to function. Obviously, you need someone who knows the nuances of politics and could be confirmed (by Congress).”

He added: “No matter who gets the job, though, there is going to skepticism, because agents by nature are skeptical. But what you need is someone who can take over like a CEO of a big corporation.”

FBI Joins Probe of Racist Graffiti at Church, Election Polling Location

Steve Neavling

 The FBI has joined an investigation into racist graffiti spray-painted on a suburban Detroit church that also was serving as an Election Day poling place, the Associated Press reports.

Bishop-Elect James Richard Evans Sr. said he believes the graffiti, which included an anti-black slur, was intended to intimidate voters.

Racial problems are nothing new in Mt. Clemens, where many African Americans are moving to escape high crime in Detroit.

The AP wrote that FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Eberle spoke about racial equality to an audience of about 100 at the church.