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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for October 2nd, 2012

Stephen Vogt Named Head of Baltimore FBI

By Allan Lengel

Stephen E. Vogt, who last served as legal attache in Kabul, Afghanistan, has been named the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Baltimore Division.

Vogt began his career with the FBI in August 1989 and was first stationed in Cleveland, where he investigated white-collar crime, public corruption, organized crime, and drug cases and was also a member of the SWAT team.

In 1999, he was promoted to supervisory special agent of a drug task force/High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Group (HIDTA) and was named the 2004 HIDTA Task Force Commander of the Year by the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

In 2005, he was promoted to team leader in the Inspection Division at FBI Headquarters.

In 2006, he was off to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad where he served as an assistant legal attaché and investigated kidnappings, hostage matters, and general criminal activity.

In 2007, he became assistant special agent in charge of the Washington Field Office, overseeing cyber, gang/criminal enterprise, organized crime, and violent crime programs.

He went to Kabul in 2010 as the legal attache.


Border Patrol Agent Killed, Another Injured near the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona

Steve Neavling
One Border Patrol agent was shot and killed and another was wound Tuesday morning near the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona this morning killed one Border Patrol agent and wounded another, the Associated Press reports, citing Homeland Security.
Fox 19 reports that the wounded agent it expected to survive and was being air-lifted to a hospital.
The agents were on duty near Bisbee, Ariz. when the shooting occurred. Details weren’t immediately available this morning.
The wounded agent, whose name is being withheld, was shot in the buttocks and ankle, according to the AP.
Both agents were assigned to the Brian Terry Station in the Tucson Sector in Naco, Ariz., about 100 miles southeast of Tucson, both news agencies reported.

Updated: 1 p.m. Tuesday –

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) issued this statement:

“This shooting is a tragic reminder of the dangers the brave men and women who guard our borders face every day. Just last month, I attended a ceremony with agents based at the Bisbee station naming it in honor of their fallen colleague, Brian Terry. My prayers are with the family of the agent who lost his life today and his wounded colleague.

“Authorities must investigate the full circumstances of this shooting. I urge everyone to think of the families of these agents and avoid drawing conclusions before relevant facts are known.”

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Ia.) also issued a statement:

“Border Patrol agents put their lives on the line every day to stop the border crossers and drug cartel members who venture illegally into the United States. There’s no way to know at this point how the agent was killed, but because of Operation Fast and Furious, we’ll wonder for years if the guns used in any killing along the border were part of an ill-advised gunwalking strategy sanctioned by the federal government. It’s a sad commentary. We all mourn for the Border Patrol agent who was killed near the border station named after another fallen hero and fellow agent, Brian Terry.”


Arizona Attorney General in More Legal Trouble After FBI Says He Was Involved in a Hit and Run

Steve Neavling

Unaware he was being watched by the FBI, Attorney General Tom Horne damaged a parked car and left the scene, authorities said, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

“Apparently at the time, I didn’t think it was damaged,” Horne told the Daily Star. “I was told later it was damaged. I was happy to pay if there was any damage.”

But more may have been involved, according to Monday’s release of investigation records into Horne’s suspicious fundraising for his election campaign.

The Daily Star reports that Horne was driving a car with Carmen Chenal, a disbarred attorney, when he backed into a Range Rover, drove away and then parked in a parking garage

It’s illegal to leave the scene of a crash without reporting it to authorities. Police are investigating.

Tests Results to Show If Jimmy Hoffa Was Buried Underneath a Driveway in Suburban Detroit

James R. Hoffa

Steve Neavling

 Was Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa buried in a driveway of suburban Detroit? Not likely.

Tests of soil samples may answer that question this morning when results return from a Michigan State University forensic anthropologist, reports the Detroit Free Press.The analysis involves 4-inch samples of mud and clay and is designed to show whether human remains are present, the Free Press reported.

A tipster said a former suspect in Hoffa’s disappearance was up all night pouring concrete at the location on the day Hoffa disappeared in 1975. Initial conclusions are that Hoffa is not there.

The FBI was skeptical of the tip.

Police Believe They Found Homemade Bath Salts at Michigan House Following Ban on Substance

Steve Neavling

DETROIT — While states are banning dangerous bath salts from store shelves, some dealers are making their own with a toxic combination of acetone, butane and caffeine anhydrous, reports.

Most recently, 11 members of the DEA were asked for help after local authorities who found the substances, along with large amounts of the finished product, which resembled bath salts, in a Bad Axe, Mi.  house, reports.

Police arrested a 47-year-old resident and plan to send the chemicals to get tested, according to

In July, Michigan banned the possession, use or sale of bath salts and other synthetic drugs.

Feds to Make Case for Tracking Cell Phone Locations without a Warrant

Steve Neavling

Federal authorities will make their case before federal judges that warrantless tracking of cell phone locations is legal, CNET reports.

Federal prosecutors don’t want to ask a judge to approve a warrant before obtaining stored records that reveal the constant movements of mobile phone users over a two-month period, according to CNET.

Location data are useful for police because people almost always carry their cell phones with them, CNET reports.

But many think the warrantless tracking is a violation of privacy rights and should only done with approval from a judge.

Border Patrol to Open New $13 Million Station in North Dakota.

 Steve Neavling

A $13 million Border Patrol is planned for North Dakota, the Associated Press reports.

The building is expected to be 30,000-square-feet on 10 acres of land in Pembina, in the northeast section of the state.

As the government wraps up the property purchase, construction could begin in a few months.

The station in Pembina, where about 50 Border Patrol agents are based, was chosen over seven other cities, the AP reported.


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