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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for October 1st, 2012

Former FBI Informant Wishes He Had Chosen His Path Differently

By Steve Neavling

If Ronald M. Fino could do it over again, he would have chosen his role with the FBI a bit differently, the Buffalo News reports.

Fino was an FBI informant, Buffalo labor leader and organized crime associate.

Instead of being a paid informant, Fino said he wished he had become an FBI agent.

“If I had to do it all over again, I would have applied to become an actual FBI agent and tried to attack these problems through the courts and the field of law enforcement,” Fino told the Buffalo News.


Border Patrol Agent Fatally Shoots Mother of Five in Suburban San Diego

By Steve Neavling

A 32-year-old mother of five in suburban San Diego is dead after a Border Patrol agent shot her while riding on the hood of her car Friday, Fox News reports.

Family members and authorities disagree on what happened.

Local police said Valeria Alvarado, 32, was fatally shot when she ran into an unidentified agent who was stuck on her hood.

Fearing for his life, he discharged his weapon to get the vehicle to stop,” Border Patrol Deputy Chief Rodney Scott said.

The shooting occurred just north of the Mexican border as agents were trying to serve a felony warrant to someone who was not Alvarado, Fox News reported.

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Underwear Bomber Wore Explosive Bombings for 3 Weeks Before Bombing

Lee Boyd Malvo, 10 years After D.C. Area Sniper Shootings: ‘I Was a Monster’


Lee Boyd Malvo

By Josh White
Washington Post

Lee Boyd Malvo said he remembers each of the sniper shootings in detail. But one moment — one image — stands out among the carnage of that terrifying time 10 years ago:

“Mr. Franklin’s eyes.”

Malvo remembers being in the blue Chevrolet Caprice, in which police found binoculars and walkie-talkies. He scanned the area to make sure John Allen Muhammad had a clean shot. He gave the “go” order and looked across Route 50 in Seven Corners at the target. Muhammad, hidden on a hill above, pulled the trigger. A bullet screamed across the highway, instantly killing Linda Franklin, who just happened to be going about her business at the Home Depot in Virginia at precisely the wrong time.

To read full story click here.

FBI Probe of Trenton Mayor Tony Mack Involves Environmental Clean Up Company

Mayor Tony Mack

By Steve Neavling

The ongoing investigation of Trenton Mayor Tony Mack includes an environmental cleanup that was awarded city work at rates much higher than quotes obtained from three competitors, reports the Times of Trenton, citing recently obtained records.

Turns out, according to the records, the company Clean Green received the job without a written contract. And the person who exclusively handled the quote is Charles Hall III, a recreation department worker who has been identified as a cooperating witness.

The firm was paid $22,000 to remove contaminated soil, even though another company that had been recommended for the job was not chosen, despite a bid at just $12,500, the Times of Trenton reports.

Clean Green and its founder, Eric Wallace, are named in FBI subpoenas and search warrants involved in a wide-ranging investigation of Mack’s investigation.

Minnesota Man Accused of Helping Terrorist Group to Stand Trial Today

Steve Neavling

Depending on whom you ask, Mahamud Said Omar is either a well-connected member of an Islamist terror group or he’s mental ill and incapable of being an integral part of a terrorism recruiting network, the Star Tribune reports.

Today the 46-year-old Somali man who immigrated to Minnesota in 1993 is expected to stand trail for assisting terrorists in Somolia.

Omar is accused of being an entrenched member of Al-Shabab, an Islamist insurgency group with suspected ties with Al-Qaida.

Omar will be the third Minnesota man to stand trial on aiding terrorists in Somalia.

FBI Probes Whether Domestic Terrorism Behind Fire at Mayor’s Law Office

Steve Neavling

The FBI is investigating whether a fire at the private law office of Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis in California was an act of domestic terrorism, reports NBC Bay Area.

Vallejo Fire Chief Paige Meyer said the early Saturday morning blaze looks “very suspicious,” NBC Bay Area reported.

The city called in the FBI and ATF to investigate, and both are treating the fire as possible terrorism, according to the NBC Bay Area.

Investigators are hoping that a surveillance video across the street from the building will shed light on the fire’s origins.