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Border Patrol Station Opening in Arizona, Honors Fallen Agent Brian Terry

Steve Neavlng

 A grand opening is planned Tuesday for the U.S. Border Patrol’s new station in Naco, Arizona, the Associated Press reports.

The station will honor Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed in December 2010 in a gun skirmish with armed Mexican bandits on the U.S. side of the Arizona and Mexican border, the AP reported.

Terry’s death became one of the key focuses of the an investigation into the government’s botched gun-smuggling investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious.

The new station can accommodate more tha 450 agents and support employees.

Retired FBI Special Agent Treks Across Country to Raise Awareness, Money for Fallen Heroes

Steve Neavling

A retired FBI special agent is riding a bike across the country with his wife to raise money and awareness for a nonprofit that assists surviving family members of fallen law enforcement personnel, the Syracuse Post-Standard reports.

Jim Caverly, who retired in 1999 after 27 years at the FBI, started his trip May 25 in Oregon and is expected to finish in Bar Harbor, Maine, at the end of the month.

The cause is for Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS), for which Caverly, 69, and his wife Jeanne worked as grief counselors since 1990.

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Homeland Security Expert: Libya Needs Help with ‘Fragile’ Security

Steve Neavling

 The U.S. has failed to support Libya after the killing of its longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi in October 2011, said former Homeland Security adviser Fran Townsend, CNN reports.

Townsend made the remarks Wednesday morning after the killing of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens.

Townsend said the country has a “very fragile” state of security, CNN reported.

“The first indication of a working democracy if that it can protect its own people,” Townsend said. “And Libya is struggling. I was there. To take in the military elements, the ministry of interior and border guards [are] trying to get the equipment they need. And the attention of the international community, quite frankly, has turned elsewhere.”


FBI Stays Busy in Metro Detroit, Targeting Suburban Warren

By Steve Neavling

 As jury selection continues in  the corruption trial of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, FBI agents are investigating suburban Warren city government over a trash hauling contract, the Detroit News reports.

The FBI is focusing on Deputy Public Service Director Gus Ghanam  (pictured here) and the purchase of garbage trucks, according to the Detroit News.

A subpoena targeted records of Detroit Renewable Energy, which was involved in taking the city’s trash to an incinerator, the News reported.

The FBI has been busy in metro Detroit, heading investigations at Detroit City Hall and school districts in Highland Park and Pontiac.

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Daily Beast: Former FBI Agent Ali Soufan on Bin Laden’s Death, War on Terror

By John Avlon
Daily Beast

Ali Soufan, former FBI agent, security consultant and author of “Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against Al Qaeda” talks to the Daily Beast about terrorism.

How’s the Obama administration doing?

“Total elimination of Al Qaeda.” Soufan said.  “They are hitting leaders of al Qaeda, and anyone who is known to be plotting against the United States. But at the same time they are trying to stop all the incubating factors that help terrorist recruitment, funding, P.R. and so forth.  They are hitting them on different levels.  A lot of people see the success of the drones…but the global partnerships that have been created have been effective – and that includes law enforcement, diplomacy, economic aid, educational program and definitely boots on the ground when needed, ie, killing Osama Bin Laden.  So, I think it’s more comprehensive in nature.”

“We joke sometimes that Obama does a lot of the same tactics as George Bush, but he keeps his mouth shut,” Soufan says. “The Bush administration’s war on terror wasn’t actually working because most of our allies around the world— including England, Germany, other European countries and Muslim world—did not have the same concept the war on terror.  So, it makes it difficult when you have a strategy that your partners are not buying into. No. 2, it was wrongfully viewed in the Muslim world as a war on Islam,” said Soufan.

Soufan clarified that he doesn’t “want to blame everything on the Bush Administration. I think you have to put yourself in their shoes at the time. But the two things I disagree with the Bush Administration on: the invasion of Iraq and EITs (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques), because it just created a lot of problems to our reputation around the world.”

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Federal Government Needs to Reopen 9/11 Investigation, Says Former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham

Steve Neavling

 Former Florida Gov. Bob Graham urged the federal government to reopen the investigation of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to identify “an external support system,” the Florida Sun Sentinel reports.

On the anniversary of 9/11, Graham, who was a U.S. Senator at the time of the attacks, told an audience he believes people who supported the attack are still on the loose, even in Florida.

“What leads us to believe that that network has evaporated, been dismissed or rolled up?” Graham asked. “I have no reason to believe that that’s occurred.”

Some of the concern stems from a Saudi family who was living in Sarasota at the time and was accused of supping the hijackers, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Money Pours into Manpower, Technology for Border Protection

 Steve Neavling

 Persistent budget cuts haven’t stopped the flow of money spent  on technology and manpower to try and stop the flow of drug smugglers and illegal immigrants, NPR reports.

Over the past 25 years, the government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars building fences and detention centers and pursuing suspects with Blackhawk helicopters, according to NPR.

The industrial complex that has emerged on the border also is spreading farther into the U.S.

“It is safe to say that there has been more money, manpower, infrastructure, technology, invested in the border-protection mission in the last three years than ever before,” says Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.