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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for September 28th, 2012

Weekend Series on Crime History: J. Edgar Hoover and Communism

Woman Who Found Renoir Painting at Yard Sale for $7 Might Not Be So Lucky After All

Steve Neavling

 A Virginia woman who hit the yard sale equivalent of the jackpot with the $7 purchase of a rare Renoir painting may have gotten more than she bargained for, the Washington Post reports.

A highly publicized auction for the impressionist painting was canceled after new evidence found this week suggests the work was stolen from the Baltimore Museum of Art decades ago.

The painting is valued at between $75,000 and $100,000, the Post reported.

The Virginia woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, said she didn’t know the painting was valuable until her mother suggested it may be an authentic Renoir, according to the Post.


Airline Passenger Accused of Saying, ‘I Will Murder All of You’

Steve Neavling

One sure way to draw the attention of authorities is to threaten to kill all of the passengers aboard a commercial jet.

“I’m from Afghanistan and I will murder all of you,” Arash “Ash” Durrani, 26, is accused of saying on an Chicago-to-Orange County flight, the L.A. Times reports.

Durrani is to appear in federal court this morning.

What prompted the outburst is unknown, but the L.A. Times reported that passengers restrained the self-identified actor and model.

Man Won’t Receive Death Penalty for Killing DEA Informant

Steve Neavling

Edison Burgos Montes escaped the death penalty but faces life in prison in the killing of an DEA informant, a Puerto Rican jury decided Thursday, the Associated Press reports.

Montes was convicted in August of killing his girlfriend, Madelyn Semidey Morales, in July 2005.

She was cooperating with a DEA probe against him, the AP reported.

Morales’ mother urged Montes to reveal where the daughter’s body is but to no avail.

A family member maintained Montes was innocent, according to the AP.

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