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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for July 26th, 2012

FBI to Investigate Anaheim, Calif. Shootings

Steve Neavling

 The FBI hopes to calm violence that has erupted after a pair of fatal officer-involved shootings over the weekend in Anaheim, Calif., LATimes reports.

During the unrest this week, protesters have tossed rocks at police, ignited fires and damaged public property.

Two dozen people have been arrested so far.

The FBI will determine whether police used excessive force in two separate shootings.

Colorado Killer Sent Letter to University Before Massacre

Steve Neavling

Before unleashing a deadly attack at a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Colorado, killer James Holmes outlined his murderous plot to a psychiatrist in a letter, New York Post reports.

The notebook detailed how Holmes planned to kill people and included illustrations, according to the Post.

Authorities found the letter, which included Holmes’ return address and was delivered Monday, after Holmes allegedly killed 12 people and injured 58 others.

The Post said it’s unclear whether Holmes knows the psychiatrist, who also is a professor at the University of Colorado.

Obama Plan to Close Deportation Cases Hits Snag

Pres. Obama at press conference/white house file photo

Steve Neavling

 An Obama administration efforts to cut down on swelling number of deportation cases has been less than successful,  the Washington Post reports.

An internal review found that more deportation cases are cropping up at a quicker pace than the administration has time to handle.

The idea is to close deportation cases of primarily young, old and pregnant immigrants who have no significant criminal histories, according to the Post. Although they won’t be granted visas, some will be able to obtain work permits.

But the process of closing cases is taking longer than expected, the Post reported.

Justice Department Combats Cyber Espionage

istock illustration

 Steve Neavling

The Justice Department is training hundreds of prosecutors to combat cyber espionage because of a growing threat to national security, senior department officials told the Washington Post.

Saying cyber espionage is rapidly on the rise, the Justice Department has begun preparing about 400 lawyers nationwide to prosecute threats to national security.

“We are very vulnerable,” John Carlin, the principal deputy in Justice’s national security division, told the Post. “Terrorists groups are saying publicly what they want to do – knock down the stock exchange and disrupt the electrical grid. We need to be more focused on this threat and we need to be ready.”

The department’s national security division is handling the training.

Ex-Rep. William Jefferson of Money-in-the-Freezer Fame Wants Supreme Court To Hear His Case

exRep. Jefferson at sentencing in 2009 /Sketch by Art Lien/NBC News

By Bruce Alpert
New Orleans Times-Picayune

WASHINGTON — in what is likely the last chance to overturn his 13-year prison sentence for public corruption, former Rep. William Jefferson is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to schedule arguments on whether the trial judge gave an overly expansive definition of a congressman’s duties.

The question is central, attorneys for Jefferson said in a filing Wednesday, because the congressman was convicted almost entirely on bribery and bribery-related charges that require the government to show the defendant performed an “official act” in return for something of value.

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