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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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The book is a retrospective that pays tribute to Alpha’s cultural impact as well as its Knoxville roots.A Wynn ConfederationHerman “Breezy” Wynn was a University of Tennessee graduate who played football for the Volunteers. Armed forces during World War II. Wynn continued military contracting after the war and expanded his production of civilian garments.By the early 1950s, the Wynn family owned more than 21 area clothing factories, including the 320,000 square foot Appalachian Mills Industrial Center.

Canada Goose Outlet Relatedly, in striving for truthfulness (at least from my perspective), I have run the risk of hurting the feelings of some volunteers or staff who weren’t positively portrayed in “The CJAM Chronicles.”, or offending those who aren’t comfortable with the occasional ribald tale of drunkeness/druggedness and/or uncouth on air behaviour; although I stand by what I’ve written, I apologize if I offend any readers. If you feel that what I’ve written is incomplete, inaccurate or perhaps unfair, I encourage you to write your own account (and if you want Canada Goose Outlet, send me a copy so I can revise the Chronicles if I deem it necessary).Regardless of whether you are a present or former volunteer/paid employee of CJAM fm, or someone who is unfamiliar with campus/community radio, I hope you enjoy and find informative this brief account of my involvement at the station. I wish to thank Dave Bachner for the helpful corrections he made on an early draft of this work Cheap Canada Goose, Sue Morin for her attentive editing of the final (?) draft, York University/Steacie Computer lab for use of their PCs, as well as the many friends and acquaintances (several who were not included in these “memoirs”) whom I met during my twelve years at CJAM. Canada Goose Outlet

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Judge Rejects Release of FBI Records in 1975 Slayings of Two Agents


Leonard Peltier/photo from his website

Steve Neavling

A federal judge blocked a request for FBI records related to the slayings of two agents in South Dakota in 1975, Buffalo News reports.

Seeking the records is Leonard Peltier, who was arrested in connection with the killing of FBI agents Ronald Williams and Jack Coler.

Peltier wants to know why Frank DeLuca, the man he was with during the slayings, was never charged and remains free.

“We’re still going to press and push for the release of all documents related to the shadowy figure who used the name Frank Blackhorse,” Peltier’s attorney Michael Kuzma said this week, according to the Buffalo News.

FBI’s Knoxville Headquarters Sold for $31.7 Million

Steve Neavling

 A Florida investment firm purchased FBI regional field office in Knoxville, Tenn., for $31.7 million, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports.

The four-story building was appealing because the FBI is a responsible landlord and it has environmentally friendly and energy efficient features, broker John Adams said.

The building was originally scheduled to be completed in March 2009 but hit roadblocks, including liens and construction delays.

New Orleans Police Reach Far-Reaching Deal with Justice Department

Steve Neavling

 The New Orleans Police Department reached a landmark deal with the U.S. Department of Justice to overhaul the city’s scandal-plagued police force, the New York Times reports.

The aim of the 122-page consent decree is to improve safety in the city and end corruption and abuse.

“Effective policing and constitutional policing go hand in hand,” Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said at an afternoon news conference with federal and local officials.

The Justice Department has consent decress with others, such as the Detroit Police Department, but none is as wide-ranging as New Orleans, the Times reported.

Study: Bath Salts Similar to Cocaine in Brain

Steve Neavling

Commonly abused bath salts act like cocaine in the brain, U.S. researchers have found, UPI reports.

Mephedrone, which is in so-called bath salts, activate reward centers of the brain, leading to addiction, said Dr. C.J. Malanga, an associate professor of neurology, pediatrics and psychology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

The study measured the effects of mephredone on reward centers of the brain and discovered the stimulant acts similarly to cocaine.

“As expected our research shows that mephedrone likely has significant abuse liability,” Malanga said in a statement. “It increases the rewarding potency of intracranial self-stimulation just like cocaine does.”

FBI Probes Link Between Trenton City Hall, Towing Business

Steve Neavling

FBI agents investigating bribery, fraud, extortion and money laundering at Trenton City Hall are probing the owner of a scrap auto and towing business, the New Jersey Times reports.

Feds investigating Mayor Tony Mack’s administration are examining business dealings the city had with Nedal Abuhumoud, owner of Acres Auto in Hamilton and co-founder of a Trenton scrap yard and towing business, according to the New Jersey Times.

Abuhumoud told the Times he is not part of the investigation and has not been questioned by the FBI.

The news comes a week after agents searched Mack’s home and city hall.