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July 2012


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Been blowing up on us as they say

Setting itself terms not just for their constituencies but for the country as a whole, these members of Congress reduced the full repertoire of possibilities for policy to a narrower set of feasible options that met with their approval, or at least their forbearance. No noteworthy lawmaking the New Deal accomplished could have passed without their consent. Reciprocally, almost every initiative of significance conformed to their wishes..

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canada goose Another more obvious, no pun intended, advantage of these “stand out” types of uniforms was simply to be easily distinguished from the enemy in combat situations. The easier it was to identify the combatants the more readily the commanders could assess conditions and make decisions on the field of battle. If an army had a reputation as being a competent, tough, fierce fighting unit, just the sight of the uniform may put some doubt and a little hesitation in the mind of the opposition canada goose.

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