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Hoover Had His Agents in the 1950s Asking Mobsters if the Mafia Existed

By Allan Lengel

There doesn’t seem to be any doubt these days that the Mafia exists. In fact, that goes without saying.

But in the 1950s, not everyone subscribed to that assumption.

Jerry Capeci of Gang Land News, the premiere website on the Mafia, has unearthed documents which show that J. Edgar Hoover’s agents in the late 1950s were asking mobsters if the Mafia existed.

Capeci writes:

On March 24, 1958, Mafia boss Joe Profaci, a charter member of the Mafia’s Commission that was established in 1931, told two agents who stopped at the gangster’s offic e at the Carmela Mia Packing Company in Brooklyn that he knew “nothing of the Mafia organization” but “assumed it was just a term used in referring to Italians.”

Agents got more of the same on October 15, 1958 when they stopped by to chat with Anthony (Tony Bender) Strollo, the powerful Genovese family capo who would fall out of favor with his mob superiors and disappear four years later in a still-unsolved murder.

“Strollo claimed that the Mafia was a fantasy created by newspapers,” said the report. In an August 22, 1958 interview, Michael Genovese, a brother of the “top underworld leader” Vito Genovese, (right) “ridiculed the idea that the Mafia ever existed outside the nation of Italy or that the criminals in the United States of Italian extraction are members of such an organization,” the report stated.

Well, as we’ve learned , The Godfather, the Sopranos and Goodfellas were based on something more than someone’s imagination. And Sammy “The Bull” Gravano was more than just a hoodlum wannabe.

Kevin Perkins Named #3 Person at FBI

Kevin Perkins/fbi photo

By Allan Lengel

Kevin Perkins is moving up.

The veteran FBI agent has been named the agency’s associate deputy director, the number three spot at FBI headquarters. He’s  replacing Thomas J. Harrington, who is retiring.

In 2009, he was named assistant director of the bureau’s Criminal Investigative Division.

He joined the FBI in 1986 and has worked in Kansas City, Baltimore, Philadelphia and headquarters.


Texas Man Indicted on Bomb Threat at Mosque

Steve Neavling

A Texas man was indicted by a federal grand jury late last week on charges he violated the civil rights of Muslims when he threatened to blow up the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in Tennessee, according to

Javier Alan Correa, 24, is accused of leaving an expletive-laced voice mail at the mosque, threatening to blow up the building with a bomb.

Correa faces 10 years in prison on one count of intentionally obstructing by threat of force the free exercise of religious beliefs and one count of using an instrument of interstate commerce to communicate a threat to destroy a building by means of an explosive device.

According to authorities, Correa left the message, “On Sept. 11, 2011, there’s going to be a bomb in the building.”

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Celine Replica handbags New Coventry City signing Michael Doyle will be great for Sky Blues, insists Carl BakerPompey star “gutted” to lose his car share buddy to his beloved Sky Blues11:00, 12 MAY 2017Updated11:01, 12 MAY 2017Watch NextHow did Coventry City’s home and away form comparWatch this video againWatch Next Sheffield United manager almost drops League One 0:24 Scunthorpe v Coventry preview0:48 Coventry City players Contracts April 20171:23 Match preview: Rochdale v Coventry City1:09 COVENTRY CITY’S RELEGATION TO THE FOURTH TIER OF 0:43 Coventry City and Charlton Athletic fans demonstr3:29 HERE’S WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN FOR COVENTRY TO AVOID0:59 Match preview: Coventry City V Charlton Athletic1:10 Eurovision 2017 contestant Lucie Jones0:40 Hospitals hit with NHS cyber attack1:27 Detached house at Allitt Grove, Kenilworth, is th0:34 Dunlop employee John Davenport retires after 53 y3:03 Car ploughs into scaffolding on ice cream shop0:35 Det Sgt Collette O’Keefe from Warwickshire Police1:11 Hearing aid check leads to skin cancer diagnosis2:52 Ventriloquist claims Dummy at centre of lewd comm1:17 BBC footage of the infamous Tracie Andrews interv0:49Video will play inGet daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailCarl Baker believes Coventry City have got themselves a great signing after snapping up former skipper Michael Doyle.Another former Sky Blues captain Celine Outlet, Baker says he’s “gutted” to see his car share buddy leave Portsmouth where the pair helped Pompey to the League Two title this season.”I’m gutted to see him go but it’s a great move for him,” said the 34 year old, who still lives locally himself.”I have travelled with Michael up and down from the Midlands all season and I’m very close to him and I think it’s a great move for him back home and a great signing for the club.”And Baker says that fans should have no concerns what so ever whether the Irishman has still got the legs for a physically demanding midfield role, saying: “People might look at his age but he’s probably in the top three fittest players at Pompey and was always right at the front in the running tests, so age is not a factor.Portsmouth’s Carl Baker and Michael Doyle celebrate winning the League Two title last week”He looks after himself and always has, and you can see that by the amount of games he plays. He plays 45 50 games every season and as he’s proved again this season he’s still doing a brilliant job and this move could be great timing for Coventry Cheap Celine Bags, and I wish him all the best.”City fans and Mark Robins know exactly what they’re getting with Doyle, but asked what he thinks his team mate’s best qualities are, Baker said: “He’s Mr Consistent and a leader.New Coventry City signing Michael Doyle reveals why he swapped Pompey for Sky Blues”He just doesn’t have games where he’s not on it and he never picks up injuries.”When he’s on the pitch he gets the best out of those around him. He’s very strong minded and a big character on and off the pitch Celine Replica handbags.

Weekend Series on Crime History: The Boston Irish Mob

Stephen Colbert Weighs in On ATF’s Operaton Fast and Furious

What Is That Sound? FBI Building buzzes Incessantly

Steve Neavling

An incessant, high-pitched hum coming from a nondescript FBI building in Virginia is driving neighbors crazy, the Washington Post reports.

“You’ve never stood next to such a loud building,” Tom Jackman wrote for the Washington Post. “It sounds like a helicopter is hovering a block away – a helicopter that never goes away. It just keeps buzzing, 24 hours a day.”

The loud noise comes from 23 “dry cooler” air-conditioning units atop the three-story office building. Each with 10 fans, the units make 230 “high-velocity whirring noises,” Jackman wrote.

The building houses the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center, which compiles the no-fly list and other national security information.