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Immigrants Fearful of New Law Targeting Undocumented Residents

Steve Neavling

A new initiative to identify immigrants with criminal records in Massachusetts is terrifying many undocumented residents, the Boston Globe reports.

The launch of the federal program allows the FBI to share the fingerprints of those arrested by local police with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

Although the initiative is intended to identify and deport illegal immigrants who have criminal records or are fugitives, many undocumented workers erroneously believe the law is targeting them, according to the Boston Globe.

Some opponents of the law say immigrants are staying inside and even pulling at least one child from school.

“Kids go to school fearing that their parents could be taken away,” Yessenia Alfaro, director of organizing the ChelseaCollaborative, a community nonprofit, told the Globe. Hm6rv7tx4z

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Method to Track Firearms Stalled by Foes

New York Times

Identifying the firearm used in a crime is one of the biggest challenges for criminal investigators. But what if a shell casing picked up at a murder scene could immediately be tracked to the gun that fired it?

A technique that uses laser technology and stamps a numeric code on shell casings can do just that. But the technology, called microstamping, has been swept up in the larger national debate over gun laws and Second Amendment rights, and efforts to require gun makers to use it have stalled across the nation.

“I think it is one of these things in law enforcement that would just take us from the Stone Age to the jet age in an instant,” said Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld III of the Baltimore Police Department. “I just can’t comprehend the opposition to it.”

To read the full story click here.

NY Mobster Henry Hill Dead at 69; Life Was Basis For Movie Goodfellas

Henry Hill on 60 Minutes

By Allan Lengel

The legendary New York mobster Henry Hill who turned government informant, and whose life was the basis for the classic movie Goodfellas, died Tuesday in California. He was 69.

Philadelphia Inquirer mob writer George Anastasia wrote:

 More than any other mob figure in the late 20th century, Hill changed both the perception and the reality of Mafia life in America. His story, first told in the book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi, laid bare the treachery and deceit that was at the core of the underworld.

Honor and loyalty, the virtues celebrated in popular fiction like The Godfather, were not part of the life that Hill and his associates lived. Hill began cooperating in 1980 and after testifying at a number of trials, disappeared into the Witness Security Program where he and his wife lived for nearly a decade in fear of mob retribution.

To read more click here.


Justice Drops Remaining 5 Charges Against John Edwards

Edwards after the trial/ from NBC newscast

By Allan Lengel

The case was suspect from the beginning, and when the verdict came back — one not guilty and five deadlocked votes — it seemed doom to go away with a whimper.

So on Wednesday, the Justice Department announced it was not going to retry presidential hopeful John Edwards on the  outstanding campaign violation charges.

“We knew that this case — like all campaign finance cases — would be challenging,” Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division said in a statement. “But it is our duty to bring hard cases when we believe that the facts and the law support charging a candidate for high office with a crime.”

The Washington Post reported that several Justice officials said the department concluded it was not worth pursuing anymore and expending resources.




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Illinois Village Halts Feds Plans to Build Immigration Detention Center

Steve Neavling

A village in Illinois delivered a blow to federal officials who wanted to build an immigration detention center there, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Without public support, Crete village trustees voted unanimously against the facility, which was to be medium-security and provide jobs.

Residents wanted none of it, saying the facility would hurt property values and pose a security risk.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights led a march from Chicago to Crete to protest the facility in April.

It remains unclear how federal authorities will proceed with plans to build a detention center in the Chicago area.