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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Weekend Series on Crime History: LA Gangs in the 70s

FBI Arrests New Jersey Mayor and Son for Hacking

Mayor Roque

Shoshanna Utchenik

Reasons to ‘Recall Roque’, the Mayor of West New York, N.J., seem to be apparent without visiting the website by that name.

For starters, Felix Roque and his 22 year old son Joseph were arrested by the FBI Thursday for allegedly hacking, where the anti-Roque website’s domain was registered, reports Politico. The pair allegedly shut down, though reports no effects to its own infrastructure.

But that’s not all. Politico says the unsealed criminal complaint also accuses the Mayor of making threatening phone calls to the government official in Hudson County, N.J. responsible for the online recall campaign.

The Roques are scheduled to appear in Federal court on Thursday.

The good news is that the internet is a bastion of learning: the Roques apparently learned Hacking-101 for free by surfing the web.

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FBI Investigates ‘Revenge Porn’ Website Founder Hunter Moore

Shoshanna Utchenik

Hunter Moore, 26, creator of the ‘revenge porn’ website and self-promoted bad-boy, is under FBI investigation, confirmed ABC Nightline.

Moore operated the site that allowed scorned lovers to post nude photos of their  ex-partners. It also allowed people to comment.

He sold the website, and it was shut down in April.

Moore’s site allowed anyone to upload sexually explicit photos and videos, including screen grabs of Facebook accounts and links to Twitter accounts, without subjects’ permission or even knowledge, says Nightline. Moore boasted nearly 5 million hits a month, with some of those users posting comments that added insult to injury for those who found themselves unwilling internet porn stars, ABC reported.

One of those unwilling stars was aspiring actress Kayla Laws, 25, who claimed her computer was hacked and private nude photos ended up on

Her outraged mother, private investigator Charlotte Laws, initiated a cease-and-desist and take-down notice to Moore, who refused. Mom says she then convinced the FBI to investigate whether daughter’s computer was hacked.

Moore denied ever hacking any nude photos.

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California Woman Charged with Impersonating Congressional Aide

Rep. Cordoza/gov photo

Shoshanna Utchenik

A California accountant seemed to think she could hurry things along by forging official letters from Congress to her client, promising speedy resolution of a tax issue, says a Justice Department press release.

Now Susan Tomsha-Miguel, 51, is charged with impersonation of an officer or an employee of the United States, and was scheduled for arraignment Friday.

The letter used U.S. Representative Dennis A. Cardoza’s letterhead, copied from real correspondence Tomsha-Miguel had with his office. Someone should have told Tomsha-Miguel that the cut-and-paste job that worked on her gradeschool report card won’t fly in the big leagues. To read the press release click here.

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big wage hike recommended for provincial judges

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Ponzi Schemer Keith Simmons Sentenced to 50 Years Plus Restitution

Shoshanna Utchenik

Keith Franklin Simmons, 47, of North Carolina, was sentenced Wednesday to 50 years in prison for an elaborate Ponzi scheme that devastated hundreds of investors, mostly elderly and vulnerable, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced.

A disgusted U.S. District Judge Robert Conrad Jr. and agents involved in his case described Simmons as a callous swindling predator, who wreaked devastation leading victims to anxiety, despondency, and in one case according to the Winston Salem Journal, denouncing god and considering suicide.

Simmons and his co-conspirators began soliciting victims to invest in Black Diamond Capital Solutions in April 2007. Over 400 victims invested more than $40 million from 2007 to 2009, when the bogus claims of wild profits started to unravel and Simmons was arrested by the FBI. Rather than trading in the foreign currency exchange market, as promised, Simmons was funding his own extravagant life style with the investments.

Judge Conrad also sentenced Simmons to pay $35,331,632 in restitution, which will come from selling off that stolen lifestyle one property at a time.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced it will additonally “request liquidation of forfeited assets and return of net proceeds of liquidation to victims.”

Hopefully these reparations will happen quickly, as almost 100 of those who lost everything are over 75 years old and have no time to lose.

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Head of New Orleans FBI Dave Welker is Retiring

By Allan Lengel

Dave Welker knew there was plenty cajun food and beer in New Orleans and plenty corruption.

Now after dealing with that corruption the pastfour years as head of the FBI in New Orleans, he’s retiring.

“I found (New Orleans) by far has been my best assignment, by far,” said Welker, according to WWLTV. “Part of it is by virtue of my position. A great deal of it is the work that we’ve done. I think the impact we’ve had on the community.”

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