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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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FBI’s Top Cyber Cop: “We’re Not Winning”

Shawn Henry /fbi photo

By Allan Lengel

The message from the FBI’s top cyber cop is that the bad guys are winning the cyber war.

“We’re not winning,” Shawn Henry told the Wall Street Journal’s Devlin Barrett.

Henry, who is about to retire from the FBI, said the current methods of fending off hackers isn’t sustainable.

He said the criminal hackers are just too talented, the Journal reported.

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FBI Says Pitts. Man Tried to Steal Identity of Microsoft Co-Founder

Paul Allen/60 minutes By Allan Lengel

By Allan Lengel

If you’re going to steal someone’s identity, you might as well grab it from a billionaire.

That’s what Brandon Lee Price figured. He just didn’t figure he’d get caught.

Bloomberg news reports that the AWOL soldier called Citibank in January and asked the bank to change the address of Microsolf co-founder Paul Allen from Seattle to Pittsburgh.

A few days later, he told the bank that he had lost his ATM card and asked that a new one be sent to his Pittsburgh home, Bloomberg reported.

The news outlet reported that he attempted to use the card to get a $15,000 Western Union transaction and to make a $658.81 payment on an Armed Forces Bank loan, Bloomberg reported. Only the loan payment made it through without detection.



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Embarrassment: Fed Judge Dismisses All Conspiracy Charges Against Michigan Militia

Hutaree members/southern poverty law center photo

By Allan Lengel

DETROIT — From the get-go, defense attorneys had insisted the high-profile  federal case in downtown Detroit against Michigan militia members was extremely weak. And they predicted it would result in an embarrassment for the government.

They were right.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts dismissed conspiracy charges against all seven defendants of the Hutaree militia, concluding, as the defense had suggested all along, that there was not enough evidence that the group plotted to revolt against the government and kill a cop and commit other violence, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Gun charges against two members remained in a case developed by the FBI through an undercover agent and informant.

“We’re just grateful to Judge Roberts for having the courage to do the right thing …very few judges have that kind of courage,” said one defense attorney Michael Rataj,according to the Free Press. “There was no case. There was no conspiracy.”

In his opinion, according to the Free Press, Roberts wrote: “The evidence is not sufficient for a rational factfinder to find that defendants came to a concrete agreement to forcibly oppose the authority of the government of the United States as charged in the indictment.”

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ATF Agent Indicted for Witness Tampering

By Allan Lengel

Bad news for ATF agent Michael Justin Fanelly.

A fed grand jury in Raleigh, N.C. has indicted him on charges of witness tampering and making a false statement to a law enforcement officers, the News Observer reported.

The paper reported that the grand jury charged that he interfered with two officers who were investigating reports of cocaine distribution last June and that he made a false statement about a woman who was arrested.

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Senators Want Justice Dept. to Probe Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords

By Leslie Horn
PC Magazine

Two U.S. senators are asking the Justice Department and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to investigate whether employers asking for the Facebook passwords of job applicants is against the law.

The Associated Press is reporting that the offices of Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer of New York and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut announced that they have called for an official probe.

The news follows several reports of companies either asking for job candidates’ Facebook passwords or watching as candidates login to their accounts and click through photos, wall posts, comments, and other items that might otherwise be protected by privacy controls, a practice known as “shoulder surfing.”

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Retired FBI Agent Running for State House in Georgia

By Allan Lengel

Retired FBI agent Kenneth M. Russell is taking a stab at running for political office in Georgia.

Russell, vice president of the South Hall Republican Club, is running for a seat in the Georgia State House District 103, which includes parts of Gwinnet and Hall counties, the Gainesville Times reported.

Russell retired from the FBI in 2003.

“I feel I am well positioned because of my education and unique lifetime experiences and service to our country and community,” Russell said, according to the paper. “Moreover, I am fully retired (as will be my wife) and able to devote full time to the yearlong demands of representative of the 103(rd) District.”


Survey: ATF Rank and File Critical of Management

By Allan Lengel

Ever since news surfaced of ATF’s highly-flawed Operation Fast and Furious, the agency has not only taken a hit in the public relations arena, but also in the area of morale.

Fox News reports that an internal survey shows that the men and women of the agency gave harsh marks to management.

“A key area in which ATF fell short was leadership,” an e-mail from ATF Headquarters, describing the results of the internal survey, reads, according to Fox.

The most troubling, according to Fox, was the question: “My senior leaders maintain high standards of honesty and integrity.”

Fox reported that 44 percent of ATF employees said that their leaders maintained such standards last year.

The survey was given by Partnership for Public Service, which administers surveys for government employees.

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