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February 2012


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Supreme Court Ruling Prompts FBI to Turn Off About 3,000 GPS Devices

By Allan Lengel

It’s fair to surmise that the FBI has a surplus of GPS devices that are just going to be sitting around.

The Wall Street Journal reports that FBI General Counsel Andrew Weissmann said at a conference Friday that a Supreme Court ruling requiring a court order before placing a GPS on someone’s car has prompted the FBI to turn off about 3,000 GPS devices that were in use.

Weissmann made his comments at a University of San Francisco conference called “Big Brother in the 21st Century.”

The Journal reports that the devices were often placed underneath cars to track movements.



FBI Seizes Property in Detroit-Area Operation Targeting Public Schools

By Danny Fenster

Add a new Jaguar sports car and over $34,000 to the coffers of FBI in  Detroit. Those profits were seized during an ongoing investigation of the cash-strapped town of Pontiac, Mich., just north of Detroit, reports the Detroit News.

The Jaguar was once Jumanne Sledge’s, a former Pontiac schools superintendent who resigned after allegations rose last  August of the improper use of school funds.

“The seizures shed light on an FBI investigation that coincides with a whistle-blower lawsuit alleging financial wrongdoing inside the troubled district, writes the Detroit News.

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Thieves Target Tax Returns

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Weekend Series on Crime: Ex-Lobbyist Jack Abramoff

NY U.S. Atty. Bharara Telling Friends He Could Earn Up to $6 Million in Private Sector

By Charlie Gasparino
Fox Business News

All of the good publicity flowing from the crackdown on insider trading has one of the nation’s top law enforcement officials looking at what he might do in the future, and he’s seeing a lot of green.

Preet Bharara, the US Attorney for the Southern District, is telling friends that if he should leave his job today, he could earn as much as $6 million in the private sector, according to people with direct knowledge of these conversations. Bharara’s private statements come as speculation grows in Washington that the politically savvy prosecutor might also replace his boss, US Attorney General Eric Holder, if President Obama wins re-election.

A spokeswoman for Bharara wouldn’t deny the conversations about Bharara’s private sector ambitions — or the possibility that he might replace Holder.

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U.S. Atty’s Office Subpoenas Records in Penn State Sex Scandal

Channel 13 News

By Allan Lengel

With trial slated for May for ex-Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, expect things to heat up.

The latest: The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Harrisburg, Pa., has subpoenaed records from the University about Sandusky, former Penn State President Graham Spanier, athletic director Tim Curley and former senior vice president Gary Schultz, according to Sophia Pearson of Bloomberg news.

“The university is fully cooperating with this request for information,” Powers said in an e-mail, according to Bloomberg.

Sandusky, 68, a former defensive coordinator for Penn State, faces more than 50 counts related to sexual abuse of boys over a 15-year period.

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Tex Man Posing as FBI Agent Pulled Over at Least One Motorist

By Allan Lengel

For some citizens, it might be fun to fantasize about what it would be like to be an FBI agent.  The key is to leave it at just that: a fantasy.  That didn’t happen in Austin, Tex.

Police there are trying to find out about anyone who might have been pulled over in traffic by Armanda Rodriguez, who was impersonating an FBI agent, according to YNN News.

YNN News reports that officers pulled the 31-year-old over in black Ford Expedition outfitted with flashing lights.

At the time, he was attempting to pull over another driver. YNN reported that he made “suspicious comments” to the officer and he was portraying himself as an undercover FBI agent. Officers found fictitious FBI credentials and a badge.

A subsequent search of the apartment turned up more FBI and CIA credentials, military credentials, Marine Corps uniform, handcuffs and a pistol, YNN reported.


Real Estate Workers in San Diego Charged in Multi-Million Dollar Fraud

By Danny Fenster

Here’s another reminder how the real estate and banking world have suffered as a result of major acts of fraud.

In San Diego, charges were unsealed on Tuesday against several real estate agents involved in a multi-million-dollar mortgage fraud scheme targeting “vulnerable, low-income immigrants” , according to a statement from the FBI.

Eric Elegado, Charmagne Elegado, Theodore Cohen, Minh Nguyen, Regidor Pacal, Alexander V. Garcia, Roman Macabulos, Ramin Lotfi, and Roderick Huerto face multiple charges of conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering, and criminal forfeiture, says the FBI. The scheme resulted in losses of more than $15 million.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said that Eric Elegado owned and operated San Diego real estate and brokerage businesses and, conspired with others, obtained mortgage loans for unqualified buyers by falsifying salary information on loan documents, then submitted the documents to mortgage lenders, who eventually lent more than $50 million in mortgage loans.

“As a result of their scheme to defraud, defendants and others caused the mortgage companies, lending institutions, and financial institutions to lose more than $15 million,” says the FBI statement.

The defendants are scheduled to appear before US District Judge Anthony J. Battaglia on March 28.