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February 2012


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Hezbollah Looking to US-Mexico Border, Former DEA Official Tells Congress


Michael Braun

By Danny Fenster

Former DEA chief of operations Michael Braun told members of a House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday that the reach of influence of Hezbollah, the Iranian-supported Shi’ite terrorist group based in Lebanon, has reached the US-Mexico border, reports CNS News.

Hezbollah developed relationships with Mexican drug cartels to “move their agendas forward,” Braun is quoted as saying. A plot recently uncovered by the DEA alleges that an Iranian operative in Mexico had plotted to  the assassinate the Saudi ambassador in DC, according to CNS.

“Hezbollah are absolute masters at forming close relationships with existing organized crime groups around the world that helps them facilitate what they need to do to move their agendas forward,” Braun told CNS. “And if anyone thinks for a moment that they don’t have their eye on the southwest border and all of our country, then they couldn’t be more wrong.”

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Big Cocaine Drug Bust on New York Thruway

file photo/dea

By Danny Fenster

One moment you’re driving down a New York state Thruway and the next you’re in prison facing drug charges in connection with violent Mexican drug cartel.

Texas residents Ruby Irene Maxwell, Mary Ann Selgado and Matthew Octavious Sandoval were arrested after their vehicle was searched on a state thruway and police officers found 10 kilos of cocaine, reports ABC. The DEA also accused the trio of being associated with a mid-level member of Los Zetas, the infamous Mexican drug cartel, according to ABC. The agents had notified New York State Police, who then stopped the three near the town of Salina.

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31 Charged in Texas DEA Bust

By Danny Fenster

A three-month-long DEA operation ended with federal drug and firearm charges filed against 31 people, CBS reports. The charges were made in the Texas towns of Midland and Odessa by the DEA’s Mobile Enforcement Team.

Most defendants were arrested Thursday morning or were already in custody, according to CBS. The charges include conspiracy, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, distribution of a controlled substance and possession of firearms by prohibited persons. The controlled substances involved in the charges include crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, BZP and hydrocodone.

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Weekend Series on Crime: The Suspected Anthrax Killer Bruce Ivins

Taxpayers Dish Out Nearly $1.8 Million to Defend Lawyers in Failed Prosecution of Late Ted Stevens

Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens

Brad Heath
USA Today

WASHINGTON – The federal government has spent nearly $1.8 million defending prosecutors from allegations they broke the law in the botched corruption case against former Alaska senator Ted Stevens, Justice Department records show.

The case against Stevens fell apart three years ago when the Justice Department admitted its attorneys had improperly concealed evidence that could have helped his defense. A court-ordered investigation concluded in November that prosecutors had engaged in “significant, widespread, and at times intentional misconduct,” but that they should not face criminal contempt-of-court charges.

Records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that the department has paid about $1.6 million since 2009 to private lawyers representing the six prosecutors targeted by that court investigation. It also paid $208,000 to defend three prosecutors from a separate finding that they had committed civil contempt of court.

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Rep. Issa Wants House Cleaning at Justice Dept. Over Fast and Furious

Homeland Chief: No Major Threats Against Super Bowl

Janet Napolitano on Bill Maher Show/file photo

 By Allan Lengel

So far so good.

KCRA tv reports that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made clear there have been no major threats for the Super Bowl Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.

“We’re really moving forward in terms of what we can check for and how we check, and with as little hassle on people as we can impose,” Napolitano said, according to the station. “That keeps evolving, but so do the threats that are posed.”

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Hackers Intercept FBI, Scotland Yard Call

By The Associated Press

LONDON — A sensitive conference call between FBI and British police’s cybercrime investigators was recorded by the very people they were trying to catch, officials and hackers said Friday.

Hacking collective Anonymous published a roughly 15-minute-long recording of a conference call apparently devoted to tracking and prosecuting members of the loosely-knit group.

The FBI said the information “was intended for law enforcement officers only and was illegally obtained.”

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