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Philly DEA Raising Funds for Agent Wounded in Afghanistan

By Allan Lengel

The Philadelphia DEA is drumming up some cash to help the family of agent Joe Piersante, a member of the DEA Foreign-deployed Advisory Support Team (FAST) who was seriously wounded in Afghanistan while on a mission last Fall.

The Philly DEA is selling t-shirts and plans a fundraising event –Beef and Beer —  in April.

The DEA said that Piersante was operating in Helmand Province Afghanistan on a counter-narcotics mission along with a combined task force of Afghan National Units along with Australian Special Operations Forces when he encountered Taliban insurgents.

Piersante was struck in the head with a 7.62 mm round, which penetrated his ballistic helmet, passed through both frontal lobes of his brain and caused severe trauma to both optical nerves.

The DEA says he has progressed and is home, but will need to undergo months of intensive rehabilitation.

His wife, an intensive care nurse, has taken a leave of absence from her job to help Piersante, the DEA said.

It said 100 percent of the profits from the fundraising will to directly to the Joe Piersante Warrior Fund.

Here’s how to get the t-shirt: Pre-Order Sale. Contact Randy Updegraff @ or a POC in your area to consolidate orders. Request payment in advance; checks made out to Randy Updegraff in order to better able to facilitate production of the shirts and gauge demand. Denote quantity and size in orders: (2XL, XL, L, M.) Remit Payment to DEA Philadelphia, 600 Arch Street, Suite 10224, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Attn: Randy Updegraff (Group 2).

People are urged to include a mailing address and e-mail address with each order. Orders will be placed on March 1.

Pharmacist Claims Ex-Cop Fired Without Warning in ATF Agent’s Death on Long Island

John Capano/atf photo

By Allan Lengel

A pharmacist claims a retired Nassau County cop who accidentally shot and killed an ATF agent outside the Long Island store during a New Year’s Eve day robbery, fired without warning, the Associated Press reported.

That account, which differs from the cop’s attorney’s version, surfaced after a document was accidentally posted on a prosecutor’s website.

Retired Nassau County Lt. Christopher Geraghty came to the rescue of ATF agent John Capano, who got into a struggle with the robber. Geraghty tried to help and fired the deadly shot that killed Capano.

Geraghty’s attorney Brian Davis said his client fired a shot after a shot whizzed by his head, according to AP. He said his client has been distraught over the incident.

Capano had gone to the pharmacy to fill a prescription for his ailing father when he stumbled upon the robbery.

To read more click here.

Ex-DEA Official Said Agents in Other Agencies Tried to Stop ATF’s Fast and Furious

By Allan Lengel

ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious just looks worse all the time.

The latest: Fox News reports that the former head of the DEA in Tucson said some agents in other federal agencies tried unsuccessfully to put an end to the operation.

Tony Coulson said many federal field agents knew the ATF was walking guns to Mexico, but supervisors told them to back off when they objected, Fox reported.

“Clearly, we went too far,” Coulson said, according to Fox. “The question we had among rank and file law enforcement was, ‘When is someone going to call ATF on this, when is someone going to tell them to stop?’”

He said agents at the DEA, FBI and ICE knew about the operation.

To read the full story click here.


Secret Service’s New Challenge: Protecting Candidates from “Glitter Bombing”

By Allan Lengel

These days Secret Service agents not only have to worry about some whacky gunman on the Republican campaign trail, but they have to worry about the “glitter bombs.”

Politico reports that presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul have been sprinkled with glitter by pranksters during the campaign.

The latest came Tuesday when Romney was delivering the speech.

A CNN video shows that Secret Service agents were able to step in and protect Romney. The video also shows the agents whisking away 20-year-old college student Peter Lucas Smith, 20. He was issued a citation, according to the Denver Post.

In a statement to the website TPM, Secret Service spokesman Max Milien said agents were “seen reacting and taking appropriate action based on what occurred.” Milien added, “The security advance process is a coordination between Secret Service, staff, event staff and local authorities to create the safest environment possible while preparing for any and all incidents that may occur.” .

Politico reported that Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista, were victims of the glitter bombing last May 17 at a book-signing event in Minneapolis.


NJ. Gov Christie Taps Ex-FBI Official for Homeland Security Post


Edward Dickson/nj gov photo

By Allan Lengel

Edward Dickson, a 25-year veteran of the FBI, is the latest ex-fed to join the administration of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Christie, the ex-U.S. Attorney for Newark, announced Thursday that Dickson will become the state’s Director of Homeland Security and National Preparedness, the Newark Star-Ledger reported.

The paper reported that Dickson served four years as assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Newark division. His time overlapped with Christie while Christie was U.S. Attorney.

“I had the opportunity to see Ed’s extraordinary work ethic and his commitment to our state and our nation’s security up close,” Christie said at a news conference in the Statehouse, according to the paper. “Ed was on my short list from the time I was elected governor to come and work with me in the administration.”

Lawyers Want to Know About 2nd Man in 1975 Killings of 2 FBI Agents

Leonard Peltier/photo from his website

By Allan Lengel

Lawyers for Leonard Peltier, the American Indian activist convicted of killing two FBI agents in South Dakota in 1975, want answers to help clear their client, the Buffalo News reports.

They’ve filed a lawsuit in Buffalo federal court to force the release of 927 pages of FBI files.

As part of their effort, the lawyers are trying to find out why a second man who was apprehended in the shootings , Frank Blackhorse,  was never charged, the Buffalo News reported.

One of the attorneys, Michael Kuzma, thinks that Blackhorse — aka Frank Deluca—was an FBI operative posing as an Indian activist. He believes FBI documents will show that, the Buffalo News reported.

Peltier, 67, who is serving two life sentences, has maintained his innocence.


FBI Conducted Background Interviews on Steve Jobs for Presidential Appointment

By Allan Lengel

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was the FBI’s radar, but for a good reason.

He was being considered for an appointment on the President’s Export Council under George H.W. Bush, the Associated Press reports.

FBI conducted background interviews in 1991 which revealed “a man driven by power and alienating some of the people who worked with him,” the Associated Press reported.

AP reported that FBI documents released Thursday revealed that many who knew Jobs praised him for his character and said he conducted business in a reputable manner.


Sen. Grassley Slams the Justice Dept. in Operation and Fast and Furious

Sen. Charles Grassley delivered this statement on the Senate floor on Thursday dealing with Operation Fast and Furious.