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FBI Recovers Over 6 Tons of Cocaine from Sunken Ship

By Danny Fenster

The FBI has gone digging for sunken treasures, and the find was no small prize.

FBI divers, with the US Coast Guard and a Canadian warship, found over six tons of drugs on a recovered drug cargo ship in the Caribbean, AFP reported early Tuesday morning.

An FBI laboratory technical dive team recovered more than 6,700 kilos of cocaine from the sunken vessel, according to AFP.

Traffickers pursued by US and Honduras forces had scuttled the vessel off the coast of Honduras, officials told AFP. A Honduran official said three suspects were arrested on November 20, but the vessel remained some 3,000 feet underwater.

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Gun Groups Appeal Judge’s ATF Ruling

By Danny Fenster

In the back-and-forth, knock down drag out battle over gun rights, no victory goes unchallenged.

It is perhaps no surprise, then, that the US gun industry, according to the Chicago Tribune, appealed on Monday US Judge Rosemary Collyer’s recent decision upholding a new requirement by the ATF that gun dealers in states along the US-Mexico border report multiple sales of semi-automatic rifles to the bureau.

Collyer’s ruling just came on Friday, in which she decided the requirements were narrow enough to be permissible and logical enough in light of the fight against the gun flow to  Mexico.

Lobbying powerhouse the National Rifle Association, along with the National Shooting Sports Foundation and several gun dealers argue that the new requirements would create a national registration of firearms sales, according to the Tribune, which they say the ATF is not authorized to do.

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Boston Globe Obtains FBI Interview of Imposter Clark Rockefeller

By Maria Cramer
Boston Globe Staff

BOSTON — Clark Rockefeller slumped in a chair in the interview room of an FBI office in Baltimore, his left wrist chained to a metal bar, and stared glumly at his interrogators.

Why, they asked, had he lied about places he never visited, jobs he never held, and names that were not his?

He shrugged, defeated. “If you’re born short,’’ he said, “you want to be bigger.’’

The August 2008 interview, obtained by the Globe, offers new insights into the motivations of the German con artist who was born Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter but assumed many false identities over his lifetime as he charmed his way into society circles in Boston, New York, and California.

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ACLU Celebrates MLK Day with FBI Jab photo

By Danny Fenster

On this MLK day holiday, the blog of the ACLU has some recriminations for the FBI’s treatment of the civil rights movement hero.

“Over the course of two decades, the FBI went to war against Dr. Martin Luther King,” their January 16 blog post begins.

Under J. Edgar Hoover’s direction, the FBI grew obsessed with King as his political power and influence grew, the ACLU writes, leading the bureau to use a variety of tactics in the ‘50s and ‘60s to discredit King, mounting a “full-court press to portray him as a Communist provocateur, attempting to disrupt tributes after Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 and repeatedly bugging his hotel rooms.”

When Congress first considered making King’s birthday a holiday, in 1969, the FBI even tried to covertly tarnish his reputation posthumously, the ACLU writes.

ACLU points to its 2002 report  which highlighted the campaign against King, what they call “one of the sorriest chapters in FBI history.”

To ACLU report is available at the above link; to read more click here.

British Man to be Extradited to US on Iranian Weapon Sales Charges

By Danny Fenster

A retired British businessman will be extradited to the US after losing a High Court battle, reports the Mail Online.

Christopher Tappin, 64, faces charges of conspiring to sell parts for Iranian missiles in the US, which he denies. In fighting extradition, he claimed entrapment by the FBI, which a British judge dismissed as an “unsustainable” claim, reports the Mail. He may now face up to 35 years in prison.

Tappin is suspected to have unlawfully tried to export batteries for Hawk air defence missiles.

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Judge Upholds ATF Requirements on Gun Reporting in Southwest States

By Danny Fenster

ATF hasn’t had it easy these day. But at least it can count on one small victory.

On Friday, a US Judge in Washington upheld new, controversial federal rules requiring four border-states to report sales of multiple semi-automatic rifles, reports Reuters. The gun industry had challenged the new rules on privacy and gun rights arguments.

The new rules were issued in an attempt to stem the flow of illegal guns from the US into Mexico.

The George W. Bush-appointed Judge Rosemary Collyer found the ATF’s requirement rational, and that the requirements were “sufficiently narrowly tailored,” according to Reuters.

“Congress has effected a delicate balance between ATF’s regulation of firearms and the right to privacy held by lawful firearms owners,” Collyer wrote. The ATF’s reporting requirement”did not disturb that balance.”

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FBI Joins Interpol in Int’l Gold Scam Investigation

By Danny Fenster

The FBI has joined international law enforcement agencies in investigating a 100 million pound gold scam in West Africa, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

The scam, which the FBI is looking into with Interpol, is thought to have originated in Lagos, Nigeria, according to the Telegraph. It allegedly was  masterminded by a Nigerian gang and involves an Irish passport used to steal millions of dollars from US investors over nearly 12 months.

Scammers offered US investors the ability to purchase unprocessed gold directly from a west African mine, telling them the purchases were tax and fee free.

US Investors put $3 million in creating a secure export system.

The scam was discovered when an Irish security team arrived in west Africa to escort the gold out. The team was unable to make direct contact with the main organizer of the gold shipment–John Recketts–and reported their suspicions to the US investors.

The US investors immediately withdrew from the plans and abandoned the Irish team.

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Dep. U.S. Marshal Charged With Assaulting Handcuffed Prisoners

By Allan Lengel

Deputy U.S. Marshal Stephen Linder stepped way over the line, federal authorities say.

A Chicago fed grand jury last week indicted him for civil rights violations for allegedly assaulting handcuffed prisoners.

The Justice Department alleged that Linder, 36, choked a handcuffed man on July 8, 2010, and head-butted a handcuffed man on May 13, 2008 and allegedly persuaded another law enforcement officer to withhold evidence of the 2008 assault.

The case is being investigated by the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General and is being prosecuted by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.