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Archive for December 20th, 2011

Blago Has Drinking Problem; Could Go to Fed Prison Rehab

By Allan Lengel

It’s certainly understandable that ex-Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich would be under a lot of stress. His travails began in  2008 when he was arrested on a number of public corruption charges. Since then, it’s been all down hill.

He was removed from office, and he faced two high-profile, highly-stressful public corruption trials.  Then earlier this month, he was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Apparently, all the pressure has gotten to him.

Michael Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Blago has become addicted to alcohol.

“Rod can’t sleep without drinking,” a source told Sneed. “So he drinks himself into a condition to do so, and it became an addiction. Considering what he has been through for the past few years, it became a problem. He’s not addicted to sleeping pills or anything like that.”

The Sun-Times reports that the sentencing judge has recommended that the chatty ex-governor go to a prison rehab program.


2 Ex-UAW Officials Get Prison Time for Extorting General Motors

By Allan Lengel

DETROIT — So much for above the board negotiations.

Two ex-United Auto Workers officials were sentenced to prison Tuesday in federal court in Detroit for conspiring to extort General Motors during a strike in 1997 at the Pontiac Truck Plant.

Donny Douglas, 70, of Holly, Mich., a former UAW International Servicing Representative was sentenced to 18 months in prison and and Jay Campbell, 70, of Davisburg, Mich., a former UAW Local 594 Chairman, was sentenced to 12 months and one day in prison. They were convicted in 2006.

Authorities said the two were convicted of conspiring to commit extortion by threatening to extend the 1997 strike at the Pontiac Truck Plant by UAW Local 594 unless General Motors hired two unqualified, non-UAW members who were family members or friends of the defendants as skilled tradesmen.

Authorities said that GM, concerned about the continued financial loss of a strike, hired Campbell’s son and a former UAW Local 594 President’s son-in-law as journeymen even though neither man was a member of the UAW, worked for General Motors, or was qualified for the position.

Maryland Officials Trying to Lure FBI Headquarters to Suburbs

By Allan Lengel

The DEA headquarters is housed in suburban Virginia. So is the Pentagon.

So would it be that outlandish to move the legendary, but outdated FBI headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, just down the street from the Capitol, to suburban Maryland?

Maryland officials apparently think it’s not unreasonable. In fact, they think it’s a great idea to move thousands of bureau jobs out their way.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Maryland officials are working behind the scenes to try and make that happen in Prince George’s County, a suburban county just outside D.C.

“I’m very bullish on this being located in Maryland,” said Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), according to the Sun. “Maryland is well-situated.

The FBI has outgrown the 37-year-old J. Edgar Hoover Building, that is crumbling and far too small to hold all the employees it needs to accommodate. The Sun reports that the workforce is scattered over 22 annex buildings in the Washington area.

epairs and upgrades.

A more pressing problem, agency officials have said, is that the FBI’s burgeoning workforce is scattered over 22 annex buildings throughout the Washington region.

The Sun reported that a new complex would not be completed until at least 2020.