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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for October 28th, 2011

Weekend Series on Crime History: Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy

What the Heck is Going on in Amish Country? FBI Investigating

By Allan Lengel

From an outsider’s viewpoint, the Amish are known for their food products and beards and cultural simplicity.

Now comes the FBI.

Station WKYC reports that the FBI is investigating crimes in eastern Ohio involving Amish-on-Amish incidents, including beard cutting. WKYC reported that the FBI is looking into whether hate crimes are involved with Amish members of a breakaway sect, who have disagreed with the way some Amish carry out their beliefs.

“We’re looking at any potential federal violations, specifically any civil rights violations, because we take civil rights violations as a very serious matter,” FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson told WKYC.

“We met with local law enforcement about a week ago and made the decision to enter the case,” she said, according to the station. A number of Northeast and Eastern Ohio sheriffs were involved in that meeting.

CNN reports five men have been arrested and charged with kidnapping and burglary stemming from an October incident. Authorities allege that the group  pulled an Amish man out of his home by the beard and cut off portions of it.

CNN reports that Jefferson County Sheriff Fred J. Abdalla said that was among a handful of incidents in several counties carried out by as many as 30 men and woman.

CNN reported that the perpetrators are suspected of being followers of a breakaway Amish group led by Sam Mullet.  Three of the five men arrested are sons of Mullet.

CNN reported that “local law enforcement officials and members of the Amish community believe Mullet has created a cult and is single-handedly behind the beard cutting incidents and other crimes in recent years.”


New Yorker Pleads Guilty to Stealing Historical Documents With Signatures from Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt

istock photo

By Allan Lengel

Jason James Savedoff had an obsession with historical documents and folks like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. But it  all seemed to center around money, not history.

The 24-year-old New Yorker pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court in Baltimore to stealing historical documents from museums in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut and selling them for a profit.

Authorities said the documents stolen contained the signatures of some notables like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, John Adams, Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparter.

Authorities said Savedoff admitted that he and his co-conspirator prepared lists containing the names of historical figures and other noteworthy individuals, and made notations referencing the value of signatures and documents authored or signed by them.

Authorities said Savedoff, under the direction of his co-conspirator, conducted research — including on the internet — to identify collections containing valuable documents that were worthy of stealing.

Savedoff and his conspirator visited a number of museums posing as researchers and were able to steal the documents.

Some documents were concealed in sports coats and other outerwear that had hidden pockets.


Conn. Man Busted for Posing as DEA Agent Selling Seized Property

By Allan Lengel

A Connecticut man has been busted for posing as a DEA agent selling confiscated property.

Local authorities alleged that Jeffrey Guadalupe, 30, of Red Oak, Conn., with posing as an agent and scamming a Bridgeport, Conn. city employee and his elderly mother out of $20,000, according to the Connecticut Post.

The paper reported that he was being detained while other police departments around the state investigate similar allegations.

Authorities alleged that Guadlupe approached a Bridgeport city employee and identified himself as a DEA agent. He even showed him a badge.

In a subsequent conversation, authorities said Guadalupe told the victim that he was in charge of confiscating homes and vehicles for the DEA from drug raids, and could sell him a home at a reduced price, the Connecticut Post reported.

Authorities said the victim bought a house with $20,000 from his 89-year-old mother.

After several days, when the transaction had not been closed, the city employee checked and discovered that the feds, nor Guadalupe owned the property.


Indiana FBI Agents Get New Home

By Allan Lengel

FBI agents in Indiana have a new home.

A new, $40 million, three-story, 90,000-square foot building on Indianapolis’ northeast side was dedicated Thursday, the Indianapolis Star Tribune reported.

The building sits on a 14-acre site and includes a parking garage and maintenance facility.

Up until now, the office has been located downtown in the Minton-Capehart Federal Building.

“GSA is an experienced leader providing federal agencies with modern, efficient and sustainable buildings,” said Ann P. Kalayil, Regional Administrator for GSA’s Great Lakes Region in a statement. “We’re building on that experience here to provide the men and women of the FBI with a workspace that reduces energy costs and consumption and helps them to work more efficiently, so they may continue to ensure the safety of our nation.”