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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for December 29th, 2010

FBI’s John Perren Named Deputy Assist. Director of Criminal Division at Headquarters

John Perren/ photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — John Perren, special agent in charge of the Counterterrorism Branch at the FBI Washington Field Office, is returning to headquarters to become Deputy Assistant Director of the Criminal Division.

Perren’s areas of responsibility will include violent crime, drugs, organized crime and the Southwest Border Initiative.

Perren, an FBI agent since 1987 and a former D.C. cop, has held a number of posts at the FBI over the years.

He was supervisor of the Washington Field Office’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and then assistant special agent in charge.

In 2005, he spent a half year in Iraq as the FBI’s on-scene commander before returning home to headquarters to become section chief of the Weapons of Mass Destruction/Domestic Terrorism Operations Section.

In 2007, he was named special agent in charge of the Counterterrorism Branch at the Washington Field Office. He has twice filled in as acting head of the field office.

DEA’s Joseph Evans Who Heads Up Mexico Operation Named’s Fed Of The Year

Joseph Evans/dea photo

By Allan Lengel

Joseph Evans, regional director for the DEA’s North and Central Americas Region in Mexico City, has been named’s Fed Of The Year for 2010.

Faced with one of the more daunting tasks in  the DEA — battling the violent Mexican Drug Cartels — Evans is credited with developing key partnerships with the Mexican Federal Police and the Mexican government. He is known as an innovative leader and is well respected among colleagues.

A 19-year veteran of the DEA, he was assigned to the Mexico City post in October 2009. The DEA credits his partnership with helping apprehend or kill several key drug kingpins including Arturo Beltran Leyva, Harold Mauricio Poveda Ortega and Narario Moreno Gonzalez.

His area of responsibility also includes Central America and Canada.

The former Marine previously worked for the DEA in Miami, New York, Panama, Venezuela and Costa Rica.

The Fed of Year in 2008 was Chicago’s U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. In 2009, the award went to Warren Bamford, who headed the Boston FBI.

Maine Atty. Gen. Rules ATF Agents Justified in Killing Biker

By Allan Lengel

Four ATF agents who shot and killed a member of the Outlaws motorcycle gang last summer during a gun fight in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, won’t be charged criminally, the the Maine Attorney General has ruled.

In a report issued Tuesday, the Attorney General’s Office concluded  the killing of gang member Thomas Mayne, 38, was justified and in self defense. Agents had gone to his home on June 15 to arrest him.

Agents fired 20 rounds, and hit Mayne at least seven times. Mayne fired six rounds.

“The Attorney General has concluded that at the time that shots were fired at Mr. Mayne, it was reasonable for the four ATF agents who returned fire to believe that deadly force was being used against them,” the report concluded.

“In addition, the agents reasonably believed it was necessary to use deadly force to protect themselves from the use of deadly force against them. Because the agents used deadly force in self defense, no criminal action will ensue against the officers involved in this incident.

“This conclusion is based on an extensive scene investigation that was consistent in all significant respects with the interviews of over 40 individuals, the review of medical records, and other evidence.”

Mayne was one of 27 gang members indicted in federal court in Virginia on a host of charges including attempted murder.

To read the report click here.

Airport Security Concerns Over Employee Screening

Film on J. Edgar Hoover Snags World-Class Actress Judi Dench

Judi Dench

By Allan Lengel

The much anticipated “biopic” movie on J. Edgar Hoover, which is being directed by Clint Eastwood, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Hoover, has snagged world class actress Judi Dench, the website Obsessed With Film reports.

The film is expected to stir controversy over the legend of the late J. Edgar Hoover. Reports say the movie will portray Hoover as having a romantic relationship with agent Clyde Tolson.

The website reports that filming is set to begin in February, and the film could be in the theaters by the end of the year.

Miss. FBI Agent Hal Neilson Reinstated After his Acquittal

By Allan Lengel

Mississippi FBI agent Hal Neilson is back on the job, gun, badge and all, just days before he’s set to retire, according to the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal.

Neilson’s attorney said he was resinstated on Monday, weeks after he was acquitted on two counts centering around allegations that he lied about his financial holdings in a building the FBI leased in Oxford, Miss.

Prosecutors subsequently dropped three other counts that jury had deadlocked on.

The paper reported that Neilson plans to retire Dec. 31.

Neilson claimed during trial that Michael Turner – the Jackson FBI office’s top lawyer until 2008 — told him he could buy into the company so long as he was a passive, silent partner.

Turner denied that, but admitted losing focus on details in his waning years with the FBI.