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Head of TSA Plans No Change in Airport Body Scans or Pat-Downs


John Pistole/dhs photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — In wake of the video-gone-viral where a passenger warns airport security not to touch his “junk”, head of the Transportation Security Administration told a Senate committee Wednesday¬† there would be no changes in the use of full-body scans and pat-downs for passengers, AOL News reports. [2]

John Pistole, formerly the number 2 person at the FBI, who now heads the TSA, said he preferred to educate the public rather than change procedures.

“Am I going to change the policies?” he said, according to AOL News. “No.”

Pistole told the Senate Committee on Commerce that the passenger John Tyner, whose encounter at the airport was posted on YouTube, would not face fines for his confrontation with TSA security, AOL News reported. He had been facing possible punishment.

Tyner was heard saying on the tape: “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.

To read more click here. [2]