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Ga. Fed Judge Accused of Buying Drugs to Share With Stripper

judge and gavelBy Allan Lengel

Not a good thing for the judiciary.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that senior U.S. District Judge Jack T. Camp Jr, 67, of Georgia was arrested Friday night near Sandy Springs, Ga.,  after he bought $160 worth of cocaine and Roxycodone, a narcotic pain killer, from an undercover agent.

The paper said the Reagan appointee planned to use the drugs with an exotic stripper, who had told authorities that the judge used illegal drugs with her. The paper said the judge had bought a private dance from the stripper and eventually paid for sex and started a relationship.

Authorities said hey also found two guns in the front seat of his car.  He was released Monday on a $50,000 bond.

His attorney William Morrison said in court that his client planned to plead not guilty and take a leave from the bench,  the paper reported.

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Director of “Die Hard” Gets 1 Year for Lying to FBI

die-hard-posterBy Allan Lengel

The director of “Die Hard” is off to live hard.

A federal judge in Los Angeles  sentenced John McTiernan Monday to one year in jail and a $100,000 fine for lying to FBI agents over a wiretapping case in which he hired rogue detective Anthony Pellicano to wiretap film producer Charles Roven after they worked on the 2002 movie “Rollerball”, the news service AFP reported.

His other films include “The Hunt for Red October” and “The Thomas Crown Affair.”

Pellicano, the detective to the star, who illegally wiretapped the rich and famous, is serving a 15-year-sentence.


BINGO! Feds Indict 4 Ala. Lawmakers and 7 Others in Bribery Scheme Involving Gambling Legislation

Sen. Larry Means/gov photo

Sen. Larry Means/gov photo

By Allan Lengel

Four Alabama state legislators, three lobbyists, two business owners and one of their employees and an employee of legislature were indicted in a bribery scheme to promote legislation to legalize  electronic bingo machines, the Justice Department announced Monday.

“Today, charges were unsealed against 11 legislators, businessmen, lobbyists and associates who, together, are alleged to have formed a corrupt network whose aim was to buy and sell votes in the Alabama legislature in order to directly benefit the business interests of two defendants, Milton McGregor and Ronald Gilley,” Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Criminal Division said in a statement.

Sen. Jim Preuitt/gov photo

Sen. Jim Preuitt/gov photo

“Vote-buying, like the kind alleged in this indictment, corrodes the public’s faith in our democratic institutions and cannot go unpunished.”

The indictment says that Milton E. McGregor, the owner of Alabama’s biggest casino, wanted to pass the legislation.  His casino had 6,000 bingo machines, but was shut down after the governor declared the machines illegal and sent out a task force to enforce that.

Ronald E. Gilley owned a controlling interest in the Country Crossing real estate, entertainment and gambling development in Houston County, Ala., which also sought to offer electronic bingo gambling machines to the public, authorities said.

Authorities said during the 2009 and 2010 Alabama state legislative sessions, McGregor and Gilley and others pushed for pro-gambling legislation that would have helped businesses legally display electronic bingo machines.

To help push through the legislation, they allegedly gave money and gifts state legislators and staff, authorities charged.

The Legislator included: State Senator Larry P. Means, State Senator James E. Preuitt, State Senator Quinton T. Ross Jr. and Senator Harri Anne H. Smith.

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FBI-Homeland Bulletin Says No Specific Terrorist Threat Against U.S. as There is in Europe

terrorismBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The feds are saying there’s no indication of any specific terrorist threat to the U.S. or its citizens as there is in Europe, the Associated Press reported.

The FBI and Homeland Security Department in an intelligence bulletin said there is nothing out there to indicate there’s a planned attack against the U.S., AP reported.

“We are aware of, and closely monitoring, recent reporting indicating a terrorist threat to Europe,” the bulletin said, according to AP. “At this time, there is no indication that the reported threat is directed specifically toward the United States, its citizens, or infrastructure; however, we assess that al-Qaida and its affiliates continue to plot against the Homeland and US allies.”

U.S. travelers to Europe have been warned to be careful and vigilant.

FBI Nabs Suspect in Fatal Brinks Robbery in South Fla.

florida-map1By Allan Lengel

The FBI has captured one man but is still looking for at least two others in the armored car robbery in South Florida on Friday in which a Brinks security guard was killed, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities said Sunday that  the FBI captured Nathaniel Moss, 31, on Friday, shortly after the heist at a Bank of America in Miramar, Fla. , AP reported. The suspects’ car crashed into a trash bin and they ran.

FBI Special Agent John Gillies told AP that the suspects made several mistakes that “gave an opportunity for law enforcement to react quickly.”

Brinks guard Alejandro Nodarse Arencibia,48, was fatally shot when two men approached him. He was carrying cash from the bank to an armored truck at the time, AP reported.

Brinks is offering a $75,000 reward and the FBI announced on Sunday it was offering an additional $25,000, AP reported.

Retired FBI Agent Lester Davis Dies at Age 94

fbi logo large
By Allan Lengel

Retired FBI agent Lester G. Davis of Atlanta, who developed an impressive record for capturing bank robbers in the 1950s while working in New Orleans, died Saturday at age 94, according to an obituary in the  New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Lester’s career with the FBI spanned 32 years, starting in 1942. He retired in 1974, the obituary said.

In the late 1960’s he went off to work in Atlanta and he became a serious coin collector, the paper said.

Mexico’s Mayors Getting Bumped Off in Drug War

Mexico border mapBy Anne-Marie O’Connor and William Booth
Washington Post Foreign Service

TANCITARO, Mexico – Gustavo Sanchez worked hard in this Mexican farming town at one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. He was a mayor. Last weekend, Sanchez and a town councilman disappeared. Their bodies were found Monday, the skulls smashed open in the fifth killing of a mayor in six weeks.

According to supporters at city hall, Sanchez was honest and brave. Less than a year ago, the 36-year-old schoolteacher and martial-arts instructor agreed to lead this prosperous western community after the previous mayor abruptly quit, citing threats by drug traffickers, and took the entire town council with him.

Sanchez’s short political career ended on the side of a muddy, lonely road, his handsome, mustachioed face unrecognizable. His mutilated colleague Rafael Equihua lay dead beside him.

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Blago Gets New Defense Team: Father and Son Team Out