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Archive for September 25th, 2010

U.S. Border Inspector Charged With Taking $50,000-plus to Let Drug Vehicles Pass

US Mexican border
By Allan Lengel

In the Mexican-U.S. drug war, money still corrupts on both sides of the border.

The latest: A U.S. border inspector was charged Friday with taking more than $50,000 to let drug-filled vehicles from Mexico pass through his lane, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities charged that Oscar Osbaldo Ortiz Martinez,30, a Customs and Border Protection officer since 2008, allegedly took $22,000 in June for one car to pass through and $30,000 on Monday in downtown Caliexico, about 120 east of San Diego, AP reported.

He is charged with bribery, conspiracy and attempting to import cocaine and methamphetamine.

Justice Lawyer Criticizes Agency for Failing to Protect White Voters

blackpantherptylogoBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — In a controversy that won’t seem to go away for the Obama administration, a veteran Justice Department lawyer on Friday accused his agency of being unwilling to go after racial discrimination cases on behalf of white voters, the Washington Post reported.

Christopher Coate testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights relating to the department’s failure to aggressively pursue a case against the New Black Panther Party, which was accused of intimidating some whites from voting at the polls in 2008 in Philly. One member was carrying a night stick, Post reported.

Coates, former head of the voting section that brought the case, criticized the department’s “gutting” of the case for “irrational reasons”, the Post reported. He transferred to the U.S. Attorney’s in South Carolina in January and has been given whistleblower status.

“I had people who told me point-blank that [they] didn’t come to the voting rights section to sue African American people,” Coates testified. “When you are paid by the taxpayer, that is totally indefensible.”

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