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Archive for September 20th, 2010

IG Says FBI Misled Public and Congress About Surveilling Anti-War Rally in 2002

Robert Mueller III / file fbi photo

Robert Mueller III / file fbi photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The FBI including the director gave inaccurate and misleading statements to Congress and the public about reasons why an agent conducted surveillance at an anti-war rally in 2002 at the Thomas Merton Center in Pittsburgh, according a report by the Justice Department’s Inspector General.

The report concluded that the FBI had no legitimate basis to believe that someone in a terrorism investigation would be present at the rally, contrary to what the FBI said in statements and the testimony Director Robert S. Mueller III delivered before Congress.

“We do not believe that the Director intentionally misled Congress,” the report concluded. “We found no evidence that he received information that should have given him reason to doubt the accuracy of the briefing material he relied on in preparing to testify.”

“Yet, it is clear that FBI personnel took insufficient care to ensure that Director Mueller was given accurate information. In this case, the Director was poorly served by those responsible for the contents of routing slip and press response.”

The FBI on Monday referred to a Sept. 14 letter written by FBI Deputy Director Timothy P. Murphy included in the report, which said: “The FBI regrets that incorrect information was provided regarding this matter.”

But it also applauded the findings of the overall report, which focused  on the FBI’s investigations on certain domestic advocacy groups.

“We are pleased the Report concludes the FBI did not target any groups for investigations on the basis of their First Amendment activities,” the letter said. ” As noted in your Report, (t)he FBI’s investigations of these individuals were generally predicated on concerns about potential criminal acts by these individuals, not their First Amendment rights.”

To read report click here.

Read Washington Post story

Rumor Mill Churns: Who Will Head up FBI’s Washington Field Office?

James McJunkin/fbi photo

James McJunkin/fbi photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The rumor mill is churning out names of possible replacements for Shawn Henry, the head of the FBI Washington field office, who has just been named to the number four spot at headquarters.

Amy Jo Lyons/fbi photo

Amy Jo Lyons/fbi photo

Some of the names include Kevin Perkins, assistant director of the Criminal Investigative Division at headquarters;  James  McJunkin, assistant director of the Counterterrorism Division at headquarters;  Amy Jo Lyons, Assistant Director of the Bureau’s Inspection and Kimberly Mertz, head of the New Haven, Conn. FBI.

Henry, who took over in February as head of the FBI’s Washington field office, is returning to headquarters as Executive Assistant Director of the Criminal Cyber Response and Services Branch. Prior to going to the Washington field office, he served at headquarters as assistant Director of the Cyber Division. He’s been with the bureau 21 years.

Kevin Perkins/fbi photo

Kevin Perkins/fbi photo

Kimberly Mertz/fbi photo

Kimberly Mertz/fbi photo

He replaces Thomas J. Harrington who was recently named to the number three spot at the FBI, replacing Timothy P. Murphy, who moved up to the number two spot.

Obama to Nominate Stacia Hylton to Head up Marshals Service

u.s. marshal patchBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — President Obama announced that he plans to nominate Stacia A. Hylton, a former U.S. Marshals Service official, to head up the agency.

A White House press release issued Friday said that Hylton currently run a consulting company, Hylton Kirk & Associates.

Hylton served in law enforcement positions in the Justice Department for 29 years including acting deputy director, assistant director prisoner operations, chief deputy in the District of South Carolina and Chief of Judicial Security Programs.

She attended Northeastern University and earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice in 1983. She would replace John Clark, who was appointed by President Bush in 2006.

Drug Dealer Laughed When He Found Out Wife Shot Pittsburgh FBI Agent Sam Hicks

Sam Hicks/fbi photo

Sam Hicks/fbi photo

By Allan Lengel

A drug dealer whose wife shot and killed Pittsburgh FBI agent Sam Hicks in 2008 during an FBI raid at their  home laughed when he learned the agent had been shot, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said, according to a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

As a result of that and his “dispicable behavior” after the slaying of the agent, a federal prosecutor will be asking for more time beyond the 20-year minimum at sentencing Friday for Robert Korbe, a convicted drug trafficker, the Post-Gazette reported.

Prosecutors said that Korbe taunted police at the scene, called them idiots and said “I’ll shoot all of you,” the Post-Gazette reported.

To read more click here.

ATF Creating 7 New Groups to Cut Flow of Illegal Weapons to Mexico

Ken Melson and Dennis Burke/atf photo
Ken Melson and Dennis Burke/atf photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — ATF is creating seven new anti-gunrunner groups around the country to try and cut the flow of illegal firearms to Mexico.

In announcing the new move, ATF said it was placing the groups “along traditional and newly-discovered firearms trafficking routes and hubs” in Atlanta, Dallas, Brownsville, Tex., Las Vegas, Miami, Oklahoma City and Sierra Vista, Az.

The groups are being created as a result of the 2010 emergency supplemental appropriation for border security. ATF received $37.5 million for Project Gunrunner to halt the flow of illegal guns to Mexico, the agency said.

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Indiana FBI Evidence Tech Accused of Stealing Tens of Thousands of $$

cash2By Allan Lengel

FBI evidence control technician Melissa L. Sims found a nifty way to take home some extra cash from work: She stole it, the feds say.

The Post-Tribune reported that FBI employee Melissa L. Sims is charged with stealing between 30,000 to $80,000 from the FBI’s Merrillville, Ind.  office evidence room.

The paper reported that Sims, as part of her job, oversaw evidence and was supposed to make sure it was eventually returned to the owner. Instead, she forged vouchers showing she had returned money when in fact she hadn’t.

The scam went on until August 2008, and a month later, she left the office. the paper reported. It reported that it was unclear whether Sims was fired or quit.


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