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Archive for September 3rd, 2010

Ex-Head of Dallas FBI Wanted to Fire Agent Now Accused of Threatening to Kill Wife and Current Head of Office

dallas-map1By Allan Lengel

The ex-FBI agent accused of threatening to kill his estranged wife and the head of the Dallas FBI should have been dismissed 18 years ago after he was involved in a seven-hour standoff with the SWAT team, the former head of the office told the Dallas Morning News.

Oliver “Buck” Revell, the former special agent in charge of the Dallas office, told the paper that he recommended firing agent Carlos Ortiz, but his superiors in Washington rejected it, pointing out that psychiatrists had deemed him fit for duty.

Ortiz had barricaded himself in his home over “job stress and personal issues,” the Dallas Morning News reported.

“They came back and said it was stress induced, and as soon as it was dealt with, he would be just fine,” Revell told the paper. “My recommendation to headquarters was unequivocal that this man was not qualified to be an agent or carry a weapon and I want him out of my office. They said, ‘Well that would be a discriminatory action.’ ”

A magistrate judge ruled that Ortiz was a danger to society and ordered him held in jail pending his trial on federal charges of threatening to kill his estranged wife, who is an FBI analyst, and the head of the Dallas FBI.

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Mexico’s Military Kills at Least 25 Suspected Cartel Members in Raid

Mexico border map
By Allan Lengel

The military in Mexico flexed some muscle Thursday, killing at least 25 suspected drug cartel members in a raid and gun battle near the U.S. border, the Associated Press reported.

AP reported that military aircraft flying over Ciudad Mier in Tamaulipas state spotted gunmen in front of a building. When troops moved in, the gunmen opened fire. Two soldiers were wounded.

Three kidnap victims were rescued during the raid, the Associated Press reported.

In his state of the nation speech Thursday, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon called the increasingly bloody violence in the drug war “the central threat” to the country, according to the Washington Post.

“As we all know, we face unscrupulous criminals with enormous economic capacity and great firepower.”

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Atlanta Cop Pleads Guilty in FBI Sting

atlanta policeBy Allan Lengel

Atlanta cop Lucius T. Solomon got tripped up in an FBI sting and will likely head off to prison.

The 31-year-old, now a former cop, pleaded guilty Thursday in U.S. District Court in Atlanta to corruption and drug charges. He could get up to life in prison at sentencing, which is set for Nov. 9.

According to authorities, Solomon on three occasions in 2009 and 2010 provided protection for what he believed to be multi-kilogram cocaine deals, but in reality it was all part of an FBI sting that has been carried out in other cities around the nation over the years.

On two occasions, Solomon was on duty, in uniform and in his marked police car when he provided the protection, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. In each deal, he agreed to provide protection for $2,000.

“Instead of protecting and serving the people of this community from the scourge of the illegal drug trade, this former police officer took money to protect the very drug dealers he had sworn to pursue and arrest,” Sally Quillian Yates said in a statement. “There is no greater breach of a police officer’s oath than to actively participate in criminal conduct that so powerfully harms the community.”