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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for June 15th, 2010

Joseph Kennedy Touted J. Edgar Hoover for President

J. Edgar Hoover/fbi photo

J. Edgar Hoover/fbi photo

By Allan Lengel
For AOL News

WASHINGTON— J. Edgar Hoover for president?

Well, Joseph Kennedy, the patriarch of the Kennedy political dynasty, apparently thought it was a good idea in the 1950s, according to an essay Hoover wrote that was included in the newly released FBI files on the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.

In a letter dated Oct. 13, 1964, Ted Kennedy wrote Hoover to say he was “putting together a short book of recollections of my father” and wanted his father’s good friends like Hoover to contribute. Hoover agreed, and a month later sent off the seven-page essay to Kennedy.

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ATF Agents Shoot and Kill Motorcycle Gang Member in Shoot Out in Maine

portland maine mapBy Glynnesha Taylor

WASHINGTON —  ATF agents rounding up more than two dozen members of the American Outlaw Association motorcycle gang in a seven-state sweep,  killed one of the members Tuesday in a shoot out just south of Portland, Me.,  authorities said.

Michael Campbell, a spokesman for ATF in Washington, said agents went to the home in the beachside community of  Sandy Circle  around 6 a.m. to arrest gang members Thomas “Tomcat” Mayne, 59, the regional treasurer, and Kenneth Chretian, when they were met by gunfire.

Agents returned fire and shot and killed Mayne, who was wanted on a federal warrant, Campbell said. Chretian, who was wanted on a state warrant, was taken into custody, Campbell said.

Mayne, the national president and 25 other members and associates of the American Outlaw Association motorcycle gang — a rival of the Hells Angels — were indicted by a federal grand jury on a host of charges including attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery, extortion and drug trafficking.

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At Least 10 Mexican Cops Killed and Several Others Wounded

Mexico border map
By Allan Lengel

Another reminder of the lawlessness in Mexico reared its ugly head Monday when at least 10 federal police officers were killed and more than a dozen  wounded in an ambush in an area a major drug organization calls home, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The paper reported that the attacks took place in the Mexican state of Michoacan, the home base for the Familia drug trafficking organization.

The paper reported that the officers had finished doing their patrols and were headed to Mexico City when they came under fire.

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Man Says FBI Apologized After Raiding Home in Connection with Times Square Car Bomb Probe

times square artBy Allan Lengel

The FBI has apologized to a New York man whose Long Island home was raided in connection to the Times Square car bomb incident, the man said, according to the Associated Press.

AP reported that Mohammad Iqbal said agents returned his Pakistani passport and other items seized during a raid at his Shirley, Long Island home.

Authorities conducted raids and rounded up some people suspected of having ties to Faisal Shahzad, the man who has admitted planting the failed car bomb in Times Square on May 1, AP reported. Iqbal said he never met Shahzad.

AP reported that FBI spokesman James Margolin confirmed that agents met Iqbal last week, but he did not elaborate.

White Powder Letters Sent to FBI, U.S. Atty and IRS Offices Out West

western u.s. mapBy Allan Lengel

The old white powder in the envelope trick continues to scare people and disrupt work places even though none have ever proved dangerous since the 2001 attacks that killed five people and sickened 17.

The latest: White powder envelopes, that were later found to be harmless, were discovered Monday in eight federal buildings in seven cities in Washington, Idaho and Utah, the Associated Press reported.

An IRS building and a U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boise were evacuated. Letters were also sent to various FBI offices.

“It is obviously disruptive and taken seriously,” FBI special agent Frederick Gutt told AP.

AP reported that a field test on powder found in Bellevue, Wash., showed it was comprised of calcium carbonate, which is found in chalk and limestone.

After the 2001 deadly anthrax letter attacks, the postal service set up systems to detect letters with anthrax and other harmful materials.

Retired Texas Border Patrol Agent Says Agents Have Been Denied Service in Restaurants in El Paso

Border PatrolBy Allan Lengel

Retired Border Patrol agent and field operations supervisor John Hubert tells the El Paso Times that it’s not always easy being an agent in El Paso.

“I learned early on that if you’re a Border Patrol agent in El Paso… basically you’re an object of scorn to about 75 percent of the population,” Hubert told the paper.

“But if you get away from the border and go somewhere else, people look at the Border Patrol agent as one of the upper-level law enforcement officers in the U.S. If you go to Dallas and tell them you’re a Border Patrol agent, there’s a lot of respect.

“If you tell someone in El Paso you’re a Border Patrol agent, well, I’ve seen restaurants refuse to serve Border Patrol agents,” said the retired agent and field supervisor with 30 years experience. “You go in there in your uniform and they tell you to leave.”

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