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Archive for May 27th, 2010

FBI and LAPD Investigate Video Sent to Oprah Winfrey

logo_oprah_betaBy Allan Lengel
For AOL News

“The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which has been soliciting videos in search of the next big star, got one that prompted the program’s security to contact the FBI, law enforcement sources said.

The video was of a man who had a Mac 10 machine gun in tow and was making what appeared to be threatening remarks, sources said.

The sources said the man urged Winfrey to put him on the show and said that if she didn’t, she would hear about him somewhere else.

Security for the show, which is taped in Chicago, contacted the local FBI office and the wheels started in motion. Because the man had sent the video from Los Angeles, the FBI and police in that city were notified, sources said.

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Late Sen. Helms Offered to Help FBI as TV Executive

Jesse Helms/govt photo

Jesse Helms/govt photo

By Allan Lengel

The late  Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina was a broadcast executive before becoming a senator and  “offered the facilities of his station to assist the FBI at any time,” according to a 1971 FBI memo, the Raleigh News Observer  reported.

“He is a great admirer of the Director [J. Edgar Hoover] and the FBI and for a long period of time has been a staunch defender of the Director and his policies,” the FBI memo said of Helms who died in 2008, the newspaper reported. The memo was part of newly released FBI files of the Helms, a conservative Republican,  who was elected to the Senate in 1972 and served five terms.

Before serving in the senate,  he was executive vice president and assistant CEO of the Capitol Broadcasting Company, which operates WRAL, the Raleigh, N.C.,  station he volunteered to give the FBI access to, according to the paper.

Steve Hammel, WRAL’s vice president and general manager, told the paper  he was not aware of the FBI ever using the station.

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NY Feds Charge Ken Starr With Fraud (No, Not That Ken Starr)

Kenneth Starr/baylor u photo
Not This Kenneth Starr/baylor u photo

By Allan Lengel

So what would ex-President Bill Clinton say if he heard that Kenneth Starr had just been busted for fraud by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in N.Y.?

Well, probably not much considering the Kenneth Starr  arrested Thursday morning is an investment counselor to the stars who is accused of swindling clients out of about $30 million — not the same Kenneth Starr, the special prosecutor who investigated Bill Clinton and authored the famous “Starr Report” on the Monica Lewinksy caper.  The two Starrs are not aligned  — or related —  authorities said.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan said Thursday that suspected swindler Starr duped clients including an actress and a well-known philanthropist.  Names of the victims were not released. But the website Daily Beast is reporting that the actress was Uma Thurman.

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Atty. Gen. Holder Offers Jamaica Condolences for “Loss of Citizens and Law Enforcement Officials”

kingston mapBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Atty. Gen. Eric Holder Jr. commented Thursday on the deadly effort to extradite Jamaican kingpin Christopher “Dudus”  Coke, and offered condolences to the Jamaican people for “the loss of the citizens and law enforcement officials who have been killed.”

“As the Jamaican government seeks to uphold the rule of law, the United States stands in support of its efforts to ensure public safety and to combat drug trafficking and other criminal activity,” Holder said at a State Department function on Carribean-U.S. Security. “And we honor our brave law enforcement partners for their service, sacrifice, and commitment to the cause of justice.”

Jamaican soldiers and police have been battling with gunmen who have been fighting in Kingston to prevent the extradition of Coke to New York.  As of Thursday, about 70 people had been killed including three police officer, the Associated Press reported. It said 28 police officers had been wounded.

“As we continue to monitor events in Jamaica, let me assure each of you that this effort is a top priority, not only for the Department of Justice, but also for the Departments of State, Homeland Security and Defense. And we are all proud to call you our partners.”

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Memo Says Terrorists to Try For More Attacks Inside U.S. With “Increased Frequency”

terrorismBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — It’s no surprise considering the frequency of attempted terrorist attacks within the U.S. in the past year.

CNN reports that an unclassified Department of Homeland Security memo dated May 21 to law enforcement says “the number and pace of attempted attacks against the United States over the past nine months have surpassed the number of attempts during any other previous one-year period.”

The report said terrorist groups were expected to try for more attacks inside the U.S. with “increased frequency.”

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Cancun Mayor Arrested on Drug and Money Laundering Charges

Mexico border mapBy Allan Lengel

The deep-seeded signs of corruption continued to surface Wednesday when Mexican authorities arrested the slick mayor of Cancun, a popular tourist destination, on charges of money laundering and working with drug cartels, the Washington Post reported.

The Post reported that Mayor Gregorio Sanchez was arrested at the Cancun airport after returning from Mexico City.

“He was  moving so much money, and it just didn’t match up with the amount he made as a public servant,” a statement from the prosecutors office said, according to the Post.

Critics complained it was just misguided political mischief on the part of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, the Post wrote.

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ATF Agents Talk About Fear of Retaliation