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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for May 20th, 2010

Nashville FBI Agent Indicted on Fraud Chargesl

nashvilleBy Allan Lengel

A Nashville FBI agent, who is married to a Christian gospel singer,  has been indicted on host of fraud charges, including  allegations he defrauded the SunTrust Mortgage Company to buy $1.25 million in rental properties in 2006, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Nashville announced.

Additionally, the 19-count indictment issued Wednesday charged the FBI agent, Darin Lee McAllister, 44, of scheming to fraudulently obtain a $100,000 line of credit from the mortgage company.

The Nashville City Paper reported that the indictment alleged that  McAllister  falsely claimed he was president of Judah Music and DOJ Productions and earned $500,000 annually.  His wife  Judith Christie McAllister — a Christian gospel singer —  is president and founder of  Judah Music.

McAllister is credited with being ” executive producer or production coordinator on a few of his wife’s — Judith Christie McAllister — gospel albums, including In His Presence: Live!, Raise the Praise, and Send Judah First,” the paper reported.

Authorities  also charged McAllister with  making three false statements linked to his bankruptcy filing in 2009,   the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

McAllister,  a resident of  Brentwood, Tenn., is expected to surrender to the U.S. Marshals.  An attempt to reach him by email for comment Thursday night was unsuccessful.


An FBI Badge Vanishes From a Parking Lot in Northern Va.

fbi-badgeBy Glynnesha Taylor and Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — An FBI badge was inside a parked car one moment and gone the next.

News of the missing  badge first turned up in a blurb on  Thursday in a weekly section of the Washington Post that lists crimes in Fairfax County, a suburb of Washington.

The blurb simply noted the street , the 6600 block of Little River Turnpike,  and said: “An FBI badge and credit cards were stolen from a vehicle.”

Bud Walker, spokesman for Fairfax County Police,  said the incident occurred on May 9 at approximately 5:15 p.m. The vehicle was broken into in a shopping center parking lot. He said there was no damage to the car, but the door appeared to have been forced open.

Walker declined to say whether the vehicle was an official FBI car, but said the investigation is continuing into the missing badge.  The FBI confirmed that the victim was an FBI employee  from the Washington area.

“The reality is FBI employees, like anyone else, can and occasionally do become victims to property crimes such as theft and break-ins,” said Paul Bresson, a spokesman for the FBI at headquarters.

Lesson Learned: Angles + Assassinating the President = Secret Service Investigation

white house photo

white house photo

By Allan Lengel

The real math lesson here is: Don’t be so creative while teaching a math lesson. Better that it be boring.

The Secret Service  investigated a Corner High School math teacher in Jefferson County, Ala. after he demonstrated parallel lines and angles and explained where an assassin should stand to shoot President Obama, the Birmingham News reported.

Roy Sexton, a Secret Service special agent, said his agency spoke to the teacher and “We did not find a credible threat’, according to Birmingham News.  “As far as the Secret Service is concerned, we looked into it, we talked to the gentleman and we have closed our investigation.”

One student, Joseph Brown, said, according to the paper: “He was talking about angles and said, ‘If you’re in this building, you would need to take this angle to shoot the president’.”

The teacher’s name was not released and he remained on the job, though the school superintendent said he planned to have a good talking  with the teacher, the paper reported.

Ex-Detroit Fed Prosecutor Convertino Stepped into New Controversy With Old Colleagues: Then Case Suddenly Ends

Ex-Prosecutor Richard Convertino

Ex-Prosecutor Richard Convertino

UPDATE: (Fri. May 21) — The battle between  Richard Convertino and prosecutors came to an abrupt halt Thursday when Convertino’s client, ex-state Rep. Mary Waters pleaded guilty   in the bribery case along with her co-defendant Sam Riddle. Waters, who pleaded to a misdemeanor, is expected to get probation and Riddle could get up to 37 months in prions, according to the Detroit News.
By Allan Lengel

Richard Convertino, the controversial former Detroit federal prosecutor is in the middle of a controversy once again with former colleagues at the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

This time it’s over wiretaps.

Federal prosecutors in a court motion claim that Convertino, who is now a defense attorney, breached a court secrecy order and disclosed government informants when he filed a motion to suppress evidence from wiretaps in a bribery case against his client, ex-state Rep. Mary Waters, according to the Detroit News. Convertino told the paper he has done nothing improper.

Convertino has a history with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Known as a hard-charging prosecutor,  he successfully prosecuted two men on terrorism related charges in 2003. A third co-defendant was only convicted on fraud charges and a fourth was acquitted.  The men had been arrested shortly after Sept. 11, 2001.

Then the case unraveled.

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FBI Agent Fatally Shoots Knife-Wielding Army Vet on Air Force Base in Tampa

By Allan Lengel

An FBI agent shot and killed an Army veteran Wednesday night after he allegedly came at the agent with a knife  at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla.,  authorities said, according to a press conference aired on Tampa television.

Authorities said that the veteran was a guest at the  base’s family camp, which is for recreational vehicles. At some point, the vet got into an altercation and then fled on his motorcycle with base security in pursuit shortly after 6 p.m. At that point, the base locked all the exits.

When the vet approached the locked gate, he  got off his bike and came at the agent with a knife, and the agent shot him, authorities said.  Authorities at a press conference, which was posted on Channel 10 in Tampa, said that the agent was the FBI liaison and happened to be at the gate because he was trying to exit.

FBI agent Dave Couvertier, a spokesman,  said at the press conference that a shooting review team from Washington was expected to fly down and investigate the incident.