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Authorities Contact Canadian Bookstores About FBI Fugitive Whitey Bulger

Whitey Bulger

Whitey Bulger

By Allan Lengel

The FBI’s Top Ten Fugitive James “Whitey” Bulger of Boston may be a cold and calculated killer, but apparently he does like literature.

The Boston Globe reports authorities last week circulated posters of Bulger, 80, and his girlfriend Catherine Greig, 59, at bookstores around the ocean front city of Victoria in British Columbia. He is known to be an avid reader with an interest in history.

“It’s just part of our outreach to locate where Bulger might be,” Gail Marcinkiewicz, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Boston told the Globe.

She told the Globe that the FBI has no specific information about Bulger. “Whitey could probably be anywhere. We’re just trying to reach all logical places.”

The Globe reported that a manager of a Victoria bookstore “said authorities had visited just about every bookstore in the city last week and asked employees to be on the lookout for Bulger.”

“They came in and just gave us a wanted poster and asked us if we recognized him because he’s known to be a book reader,” he said, according to the Globe.

Bulger is accused in 19 murders and has been on the run for more than 15 years. T

Feds Subpoena Sarah Palin in Hacker’s Trial in Tenn.

Sarah Palin/ official photo

Sarah Palin/ official photo

By Allan Lengel

Republican star Sarah Palin may soon have a speaking engagement, but she won’t be able to collect a lucrative speaking fee as she as on different occasions.

The Huffington Post reports that federal prosecutors have subpoenaed her to testify in the trial of  former college student David Kernell, 22, in Knoxville, Tenn. Trial began this week for Kernell who is charged with hacking into Palin’s  email account during the 2008 presidential campaign.

A federal prosecutor  said Palin’s husband Todd and daughter Bristol could also be subpoenaed, the Huffington Post reported.

“He definitely talked about how he didn’t believe in what she wanted to do,” David Omiecinski, Kernell’s former University of Tennessee roommate, testified, according to the Huffington Post.

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Drug War Spreads in Mexico to Northeast Section: Cops Beheaded, Journalists Abducted

While the U.S. fights battles in Afghanistan and Iraq, another war far closer threatens the safety of people in the U.S. — the drug war in Mexico where murder of police is common place. Now the war there is spreading. The money is too good for it to simply die off. More needs to be done on both sides of the border.


By William Booth
Washington Post Foreign Service

LOS ALDAMAS, Mexico — Javier Martinez Gonzalez may have thought himself a lucky man as he arrived in pressed khakis for his first day of work as a police officer in this little country town.

Half an hour later, masked men dragged him from the station. His body was later found in a patch of weeds alongside those of two fellow officers. Their killings early this month marked a dangerous new front in Mexico’s battle against drug gangs in the borderlands south of Texas.

More than 22,000 people have died in drug-related violence in Mexico since President Felipe Calderón unleashed his war on traffickers in December 2006, according to a confidential government report circulated last week, a toll that far exceeds previous media estimates.

The northeastern states along the Gulf of Mexico had been mostly quiet as drug cartels and the Mexican military fought farther west. But powerful and warring crime syndicates have now launched a campaign of terror here, abducting journalists, beheading police officers and assaulting military garrisons.

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Senior ICE Attorney Convicted of Taking Bribes: Caught in FBI Sting

iceBy Allan Lengel

A senior attorney with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was convicted Tuesday in Los Angeles  federal court of  taking a series of bribes from immigrants seeking documentation to remain in the U.S., the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

ICE Assistant Chief Counsel Constantine Peter Kallas, 39, of Alta Loma, Calif. was convicted following a three week trial, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

“Mr. Kallas was a corrupt government official who abused his position of trust to line his own pockets,” U.S. Attorney André Birotte Jr. said in a statement.

Authorities said Kallen has been in federal prison since August 2008, about two months after he was busted in an FBI  sting and videotaped at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in Highland, Calif. “where he and his wife accepted a bribe from an immigrant”, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

He accepted a series of bribes, some as high as $20,000, authorities said.

Authorities said court documents show that besides Kallas’ salary,  the couple had deposited $950,000 in their bank accounts since 2000.

A search of their home turned up more than $177,0000 in cash, authorities said.

Actor Michael Douglas’ Son Cameron Gets 5 Year Sentence in DEA Bust

Kirk Douglas letter to judge/ photo

Kirk Douglas letter to judge/ photo

By Allan Lengel

Actor Michael Douglas’ son Cameron, who pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, got a five year prison sentence and a $25,000 fine in New York federal court on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported.

U.S. District Judge Richard told the 31-year-old Douglas that this was his “last chance to make it.” Douglas apologized for his crime during the sentencing which was attended by his father, AP reported.

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NY Feds Crackdown on Gambino Crime Family: Indict 14

NY FBI Agents Involved in the Mob Arrests/photo by Richard Kolko
NY FBI Agents Involved in the Mob Arrests/photo by Richard Kolko

By Allan Lengel
For AOL News

The New York feds came crashing down on the Gambino crime family Tuesday, indicting 14 members and associates — including one of the top bosses — on charges ranging from murder, extortion and narcotics trafficking to tampering with the 1992 jury of then-boss John Gotti.

The 23-count indictment alleges certain defendants killed four people, two of whom were cooperating with the feds; extorted money from the building, home-heating oil and financial services industries; defrauded high-end New York restaurants; and used baseball bats to beat shakedown victims.

All but one of the 14 defendants — Steve Maiurro — are in custody. Among them is a woman, Suzanne Porcelli, who was charged with running a prostitution ring and the sex trafficking of a minor.

“As today’s case demonstrates, the Mafia is not dead — it is alive and kicking,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in statement. “Modern mobsters may be less colorful, less flamboyant and less glamorous than some of their predecessors, but they are still terrorizing businesses, using baseball bats and putting people in the hospital.

“Today the Gambino family has lost one of its leaders,” he added, “and many of its rising stars have now fallen.”

Central to the indictment is Daniel Marino, who authorities described as one of three bosses who run the Gambino crime family, which has more than 200 “made” members and hundreds of associates.

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FBI File on Holocaust Museum Shooter Reveals 1963 Incident

James von Brunn/facebook photo

James von Brunn/facebook photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON –– It’s not particularly shocking. Nonetheless, it’s interesting that the FBI had a file on a 1963 incident involving James von Brunn, the man who killed a Holocaust museum guard in Washington  last June 10, according to the Associated Press.

Von Brunn, 88, died in January before he could go to trial.

The AP reports that it obtained FBI files under the Freedom of Information Act for von Brunn,who came to the FBI’s attention over a death threat in 1963 over a business dispute.

AP reported that a Greensboro, N.C. company official  told the FBI that von Brunn called  and threatened to kill him over not getting paid. The wire service reported that von Brunn admitted making the call, but denied threatening the person’s life. He was never prosecuted.

Chicago Prosecutors Fear Ex-Gov. Blago’s Lawyers Will Try for “Jury Nullification”

jury boxBy Allan Lengel

Chicago fed prosecutors in the upcoming political corruption trial of ex-Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich are worried defense attorneys might go for “jury nullification” and ask jurors to ignore the facts of the case and acquit.

“The government respectfully moves this Court to preclude the defendants from arguing, or otherwise presenting evidence or pursuing lines of inquiry to illicit, jury nullification,” the government wrote in a motion filed Monday.

The motion anticipates a number of arguments the defense may present to jurors to get  jury nullification including “politics as usual”.

“The defendant may well suggest that the law is unfair or burdensome because their conduct is simply consistent with the way the political system is set up,” the motion states. “Likewise, the defendant may argue that their conduct is simply what all politicians do and, to the extent their conduct violates the law, the the law is unrealistic or unfair.”

“Such argument, which concedes the conduct but simply suggests to the jury that even if such conduct is technically illegal it is proper, necessary, or simply the way of life in politics, seeks jury nullification and should be barred.”

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Blago Blasts Prosecutors and U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald