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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for February 2nd, 2010

NYPD Cop Off to Jail for Lying to DEA Agents About Tracing Car Plates for Dope Dealer

nypd badge
By Allan Lengel

Note to NYPD cop Roosevelt Green: Next time get over to the Sports Authority and buy yourself a nice warm up suit and sneakers: It will be a lot less trouble and a whole lot cheaper.

Federal wire intercepts captured conversations in which Green, a sergeant in NYPD,  asked a major drug dealer for a nice warm up suit and sneakers after he did the dealer a favor and traced some license plates of two DEA surveillance vehicles.

Problem is, the intercepts also picked up conversations of the dope dealer asking Green to trace the plates.

On Tuesday, in New York federal court, he paid a high price for it all: The judge sentenced Green to six months in jail for lying to DEA agents about looking up the plates.

“The intercepted conversations further revealed that, while on duty in an NYPD patrol car on March 31, 2007, Green used NYPD computers to obtain vehicle registration information for two vehicles and provided that information to” the drug dealer,” the U.S. Attorney’s press release said.


Authorities Say Underwear Bomber is Talking

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Justice Dept. Conducting Routine Probe of FBI Fatal Shooting of Imam in Michigan

michigan11By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has launched a routine investigation into the fatal FBI shooting in Michigan of a Muslim imam in October, the Detroit News reported.

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mi), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who had asked the Justice Department to probe the matter, announced the news at a press conference Tuesday.

The paper reported that Justice Department spokesman Alejandro Miyar confirmed the investigation, but said it would have happened regardless of Conyers’ request.

“The FBI’s inspection division conducted a review,” Miyar said, according to the Detroit News. “The civil rights division has received the FBI’s report and is now conducting an independent review of the shooting.”

An autopsy report on Monday showed Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah was shot 21 times during a raid on a Dearborn warehouse. The FBI was conducting a probe of the trafficking of stolen goods.

The FBI says that the imam opened fire first and shot an FBI dog before agents returned fire.

Read Autopsy Report

EX-Atty. Gen. Mukasey Slams Administration About 9/11 Trial; Says N.Y.Trial Was About “Showboating” and Reflects “Amateur Night” at Justice

Happy Ground Hog Day From

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5 D.C. Area Men Held in Pakistan Claim FBI and Pakistani Police Tortured Them

pakistan-mapBy Allan Lengel

The allegation came on a tissue.

The Associated Press is reporting that the five  Washington, D.C. area men suspected of terrorism, who are being held in Pakistan, scribbled allegations on a tissue that they were subjected to electric shocks and other torture by the FBI and Pakistani police.

The AP reported that the men tossed the tissue to reporters while they were headed to a court hearing in Pakistan, where the judge delayed formally charging them.

“Since our arrest, the U.S. FBI and Pakistani police have tortured us,” read the message, according to AP. “They are trying to set us up. We are innocent. They are trying to keep us away from public, media and families and lawyers. Help us.”

The U.S. Embassy denied the allegations, and the Pakistani authorities have previously denied those accusations, the AP reported.

To read more click here

FBI and Homeland Security to Get Extra $$$ in Obama’s Budget Proposal

money-photoBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON –– The FBI would get an additional $219 million for national security and $19 million to hire dozens of new agents to fight crime on American Indian reservations under the President’s $3.8 trillion budget proposal, according to the Washington Post.

Under the proposed budget, the Post reports that the Department of Homeland Security would get a 4 percent hike in its total budget, which would include: $200 million to pay state and local costs to hold terrorism-related trials; $950 million for federal air marshals and $734 million for whole-body imaging scanners at airports.

To read more about the budget proposals click here.


Case Moving Forward Against Miss. FBI Agent Philip Halbert Neilson

fbi logo largeBy Allan Lengel

Criminal proceedings are moving forward in the case against Mississippi agent Philip Halbert Neilson, who is accused of failing to disclose his financial interest in a leased FBI building in Oxford, Miss.

Neilson pleaded not guilty Monday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Allan Alexander in Oxford, the Associated Press reported.

A March 8 trial has been set. Neilson obtained a financial interest in the FBI Oxford building at the time he headed up the office, authorities said.