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Miss. FBI Agent Indicted For Failing to Disclose Hidden Financial Interest in FBI Building

miss mapBy Allan Lengel

A Mississippi FBI agent was indicted Thursday on charges of making  false statements and failing to disclose a conflict of interest in an FBI building he had a financial interest in.

The indictment alleges that FBI agent Philip Halbert Neilson, 49, of Oxford, Miss.,  beginning in 2001 took an active role in the construction and lease of the Oxford FBI Building and failed to disclose that he had a financial interest in the building since 2004.

The indictment also charged that in 2004 and 2005, as the supervisory senior resident agent in charge of the Oxford office, “he was required to truthfully complete an annual report of his assets and income, liabilities, and positions with organizations outside of his FBI employment,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Authorities also charged that NEILSON submitted false financial disclosure reports and in October 2008 lied to an agent of the Dept. of Justice Office of the Inspector General during an interview.

If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine, though the guidelines would call for a far lesser sentence.

Deborah Madden, an FBI spokeswoman in Mississippi, said Neilson “is still employed by the FBI” but declined to say whether he was on leave or on the job.

The case is being investigated by Special Agent Susan Howell of the Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General, and Assistant United States Attorneys René Salomon and Rich Bourgeois of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Louisiana.

An Artful Way to Get Charged: Man Swapped Gatorade Labels With Photo of Tiger Woods

By Allan Lengel

Andy Warhol might have been jealous of this pop art — but not the criminal charges that have accompanied it.

Colorado artist Jason Kay has been charged in federal court in Denver with tampering with the Gatorade sports drink after he allegedly “replaced the labels on 100 Gatorade bottles with a picture of Tiger Woods and his wife and the word “unfaithful”–and then returned the items to store shelves,” according to the website The Smoking Gun.

The website wrote, attributing information to a court affidavit filed in Denver federal court,  that Kay ” admitted to a U.S. Food and Drug Administration agent that he was responsible for the label swap, which he described as ‘pop art’ in the style of Andy Warhol. The 38-year-old Kay, who said he acted alone, told agent Daniel Burke that he purchased the bottles, removed the labels, and then affixed new labels that he ‘created by using a photocopier and clear adhesive at Kinko’s.'”

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Feds Bust 3 Men on Charges of Illegal Export of Technology to Iran

iran_flagBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The feds in Los Angeles have busted three men in a suspected scheme to smuggle industrial components into Iran that could have been used to develop nuclear weapons, authorities announced Wednesday.

Iran’s development of nuclear weapons has been an ongoing concern of the U.S., Israel and many European nations. This latest bust seemed to highlight suspicions that the Iranians are still intent on developing these weapons.

The three men charged in the scheme included an Iranian born chemical engineer living in Glendale, Calif., according to the Los Angeles Times. The two other men were listed as Iranian residents, authorities said.

The men were working to ship “high-dollar vacuum pumps and pump related equipment to Iran” that could have been used for nuclear weapon development, authorities said.

Assistant Secretary John Morton of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a statement Wednesday saying: “One of ICE’s top enforcement priorities is preventing sensitive technology from falling into the hands of those who might seek to harm America or its interests. This illicit trade of this kind of equipment to Iran or other countries that have repeatedly violated our export laws must be controlled.”

The case was investigated by the FBI, ICE and IRS.

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Washington Post Reports that Suspended NBA Star Gilbert Arenas in Talks With U.S. Atty Office Over Gun Scandal

nba-logo_1By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Is suspended Washington Wizards hoop star Gilbert Arenas ready to roll over and cop a gun-related plea?

The Washington Post reports that that the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C. and Arenas’ attorneys, who include former U.S. Attorney Kenneth Wainstein, have been in plea talks, and that Arenas could be in D.C. Superior Court as early as Thursday.

The Post, attributing information to two sources, said the negotiations could collapse.

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FBI Warns About Crooked Charitable Organizations Seeking Help for Haiti

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The FBI issued a warning Wednesday about charitable organizations seeking donations for relief efforts, saying “apply a critical eye”.

“Past tragedies and natural disasters have prompted individuals with criminal intent to solicit contributions purportedly for a charitable organization and/or a good cause,” the FBI said in a statement.


“Therefore, before making a donation of any kind,” the FBI said, “consumers should adhere to certain guidelines, to include the following:

* Do not respond to any unsolicited (spam) incoming e-mails, including clicking links contained within those messages.

* Be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as surviving victims or officials asking for donations via e-mail or social networking sites.

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No Surprise Here: Prosecutors Wave White Flag and Finally Drop Case Against John Gotti Jr.

John Gotti Jr./youtube photo

John Gotti Jr./youtube photo

By Allan Lengel
For (A new AOL news site)

In a move that came as little surprise, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday  afternoon that it won’t go for a fifth trial to try and put New York mobster John Gotti Jr. behind bars. The other four resulted in mistrials after jurors deadlocked.

“In light of the circumstances, the Government has decided not to proceed with the prosecution against John A. Gotti,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement. “Accordingly, today we submitted a proposed Order of nolle prosequi to the Court. The Order has been approved by the presiding United States District Judge, and thus the prosecution of the case has ended. I would like to commend and thank the many dedicated law enforcement agents, prosecutors, and staff who worked vigorously on this case.”

The case became a running embarrassment for the U.S. Attorney’s office, which tried four times in five years to convict Gotti on racketeering charges. In the last trial, prosecutors beefed up the indictment by adding allegations of murder.

But in the end, following 11 days of deliberations, a federal judge declared a mistrial on Dec. 1 and Gotti, son of the late Godfather John Gotti, was a free man.  As in the other three trials, the jury was deadlocked.

After trial, Gotti, 45, expressed optimism that the feds would give up. And he was quoted in the website Gang Land News as saying that he wanted to move out of state if all went as planned.

“To be here, it’s a little awkward at times,” he said. “I’m not that far from Queens; I’m not that far from New York. You go to dinner in a restaurant with your wife, you tend to bump into old acquaintances.”

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Nigeria to Let U.S. Trained Air Marshals on Nigeria to U.S. Flights

nigeria mapBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The actions of the Nigerian underwear bomber who tried blowing up a Detroit-bound plane on Christmas day is triggering a reaction back in the man’s homeland.

Reuters news service is reporting that a Nigerian federal minister said his government will soon allow U.S. trained air marshals aboard Nigerian flights to the U.S.

Nigeria has been under pressure to bolster its aviation security since the Christmas day event involving the accused bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

“The United States approached Nigeria to have their marshals assist in the training and equipping of (Nigerian) marshals,” Aviation Minister Babatunde Omotoba told reporters on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

He said an agreement on the matter will be signed with the U.S. soon.

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Politics and Caution Slow Appointments of U.S. Attys Around the Country


By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The appointments of new U.S. Attorneys around the country continues to move at a snail’s pace.

The Houston Chronicle reports that about a third of the 93 U.S. Attorney posts around the country have been filled since President Obama took office a year ago and “and no one’s even nominated for the four open positions in Texas.”

Political bickering in states over nominations and an “especially cautious presidential nominating process” have resulted in the failure to fill many spots, the Chronicle reported.

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