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Archive for January 7th, 2010

Politics as Usual Impeding Philly U.S. Attorney Appointment

Politics as usual isn’t really good enough. It’s been almost a year since Pres. Obama took office and there’s still no clear picture as to who will be the new U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia. That should be unacceptable.

Acting U.S. Atty. Michael Levy/gov photo

Acting U.S. Atty. Michael Levy/gov photo

Philadelphia Daily News

PHILADELPHIA — By this date eight years ago, the then-new U.S. attorney in Philadelphia, Patrick Meehan, had been on the job almost four months, after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate in September 2001.

Now, almost a year into President Obama’s term, there is not even a nominee for the post. And the appointment of a new U.S. attorney, which is considered a plum assignment, is not believed to be imminent, sources familiar with the process say.

Some blame the ambling pace on unusual political circumstances.

Traditionally, the state’s senior senator of the president’s party, in this case Sen. Bob Casey, makes a recommendation to the White House. However, when longtime Republican Sen. Arlen Specter switched parties last April and became a Democrat, that complicated the selection process, sources said.

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New Weapon in Bank Robberies: GPS Device

bank-robberyBy Allan Lengel

Apparently GPS isn’t just for the geographically challenged anymore.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that police were able to track down three bank robbers in suburban Chicago last week, thanks to a credit-card sized GPS device that had been stuffed in with the stolen cash.

The paper, referring to an FBI affidavit, said the GPS led police almost instantly to the robbers in Dolton, Ill.

The Trib reported that the FBI and banking officials said “they believed it was the first time the technology — similar to what is increasingly used in cell phones and other devices — had been deployed to solve a bank robbery in the Chicago region. The FBI did use a GPS device last year to help free a man being held for $40,000 ransom, placing it in a bag of money tracked to a South Side home.”

Debbie Jemison, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Bankers Association, told the paper that banks started using the device about two years ago, but is unclear how widespread it’s use is.

89-Year Old Holocaust Museum Shooter Dies in N.C.

James von Brunn/facebook photo

James von Brunn/facebook photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Bureau of Prison’s website simply listed James W. von Brunn — the white supremacist charged with killing a U.S. Holocaust Museum guard in Washington last June — as “deceased”.

That simple declaration marked a rather  abrupt end to an ugly chapter that reminded people of the hate that lurks in America.

The Washington Post’s Del Quentin Wilber reported that von Brunn, 89, died on Wednesday shortly before 1 p.m. at a hospital near the Butner, N.C. prison where he was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. One media report said he  died of   natural causes.

Von Brunn stormed the museum on 14th Street and opened fire, killing an African American security guard Stephen T. Johns, 39. Von Brunn was shot in the head and wounded during the confrontation in which he reportedly wanted to send a message that the Holocaust was a hoax.

Suburban Boston Ex-Cop Admits to Lying to FBI Agents and Agrees to Cooperate in Police Corruption Probe

stoughton policeBy Allan Lengel

The Boston FBI will be getting a little help in a suburban police corruption probe, thanks to a former cop from that department  who has agreed to cooperate.

Ex-Detective Arlindo Romeiro of the Stoughton Police Department pleaded guilty Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Boston to lying to FBI agents about a police corruption probe and agreed to cooperate in the investigation that appears to be widening, the Boston Globe reported. Stoughton is about 30 minutes outside of Boston.

The Globe reported that Romeiro lied to FBI agents in July and denied knowing that cops in his department had received “stolen gift cards and merchandise from an informant secretly cooperating with the FBI, when, in fact, he was among the recipients, a federal prosecutor said.”

The Globe reported the 37-year-old former detective “left the courtroom holding his eyeglasses and brushing away tears.”