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December 2009


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Authorities Find Mexico-U.S. Tunnel with Lighting, Ventilation and Elevator

tijuana mapBy Allan Lengel

Mexican authorities, acting on info from U.S. federal investigators, shut down a yet to be completed underground tunnel on Wednesday that originated in Tijuana, Mexico and extended 860 feet into San Diego.

The tunnel, measuring just under 1000 feet in length and 90 to 100 feet in depth, had lighting, ventilation and an elevator system, the Drug Enforcement Administration said. The tunnel did not yet have an entry point in the U.S.

“The discovery of this unfinished tunnel bears witness to the extraordinary cooperation between all agencies involved in the task force and the Government of Mexico,” Ralph W. Partridge, DEA special agent in charge of the San Diego office  said in a statement. “It is extremely important to the San Diego area and the entire United States that his cooperative effort stopped the completion of this drug smuggling corridor before even an ounce of drugs could be transported through it.”

Authorities said the Mexican government arrested more than a dozen people inside the tunnel, which may have been under construction for about two years.

The Mexican government acted on information provided by the San Diego Tunnel Task Force comprised of multiple agencies.

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