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October 2009


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Helicopter With FBI Dog Lands In Front of Detroit Suburban Vet Office; News Photographer Beaten

Madison Heights Police Chief Kevin Sagan
Madison Heights Police Chief Kevin Sagan

By Allan Lengel

The FBI fatal shooting of an Imam in Detroit on Wednesday took on many surreal fronts.

First off, during the raid on a Detroit mosque, the FBI alleged that the Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah pulled out a gun and shot an FBI dog. The FBI in turn shot and killed the Imam.

Then there was the matter of a helicopter landing in Madison Heights, a Detroit suburb,  in front of a veterinarian hospital.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the chopper triggered a large volume of calls and prompted the Madison Heights Police Chief Kevin Sagan to fire off a press release explaining that it was all for the FBI dog who was shot in the raid. The dog died.

Court documents show that the Imam, who was shot, espoused hatred for the U.S. government and advocated a violent takeover.

Meanwhile, later in the day, after the raids, a Detroit News photographer Ricardo Thomas suffered minor injuries after he was attacked outside the mosque.

“They told him to stop taking pictures; he said, ‘I’m just doing my job,’ and then they set upon him,”  said Detroit News reporter Charlie LeDuff, who witnessed the assault and was quoted in his newspaper.

The paper said Thomas’ lip was split and his glasses were broken. He drove himself to the hospital for treatment.

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