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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for October 13th, 2009

FBI DNA Lab Helps Crack 19-Year-Old Texas Brutal Rape of Girl Age 8

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NY Post Reports that Madoff Got in Prison Yard Scuffle and Won


By Allan Lengel

If you can believe this, Bernie Madoff, the Palm Beach/Manhattan socialite who became one of America’s Most Hated Men, got into a minor scuffle in the federal prison yard in North Carolina with a fellow senior citizen and wound up victorious, at least according to a report in the New York Post.

The Post, attributing the information to “eyewitnesses” at the prison in Butner, N.C., reported that Madoff “was heard last week getting into a heated debate over the state of the market with another senior-citizen jailbird.”

“The shouting match got so heated that the inmate pushed Madoff, who shoved back harder with both hands, causing his attacker to stumble,” reporter Rich Calder wrote. “As the attacker tried to stand up straight, Madoff hovered over him red-faced and glaring, eyewitnesses said.”

“The stunned attacker went chicken and took off — allowing Madoff to collect some “cred” among his fellow prisoners,” the reporter wrote.


N.J. FBI Arrests Port Authority Cop Who Worked on FBI Task Force

FBI arrests Port Authority Police Detective Michael Palermo

Chihuahua-Slaying Texas FBI Agent Still Faces Internal Probe 4 Months After His Sentence

FBI Agent Shot A Chihuahua Just Like This One/istock photo

FBI Agent Shot A Chihuahua Just Like This One/istock photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Last time we checked, Texas FBI agent Lovett Leslie Ledger, who fatally shot his neighbor’s 3 pound Chihuahua named Sassy with a pellet gun, was still an FBI agent facing an internal investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibilty.

That was four months ago.

Well, on Tuesday the FBI said nothing has changed. The pellet gun-totting, Chihuahua slaying Ledger remains an FBI agent in the San Antonio Division — at least until the internal investigation is completed.

After that, who knows? Penalties for such action can range from a letter of reprimand to a firing. In the meantime, there’s a good likelihood he’s in the dog house at the FBI.

Back in early July, Waco, Tex., State District Judge Matt Johnson gave Ledger, 40, two years deferred probation and 300 hours of community service for the 2008 shooting.  He pleaded no contest to animal cruelty charges.

The Waco Tribune-Herald reported that a neighbor saw Ledger shoot the dog with a pellet rifle in February 2008.

FBI and Secret Service Probe Anti-Obama Message With Swastika at Boston Area Golf Course

wbz-tv photo
wbz-tv photo

By Allan Lengel

The FBI and U.S. Secret Service are investigating who carved a swastika and President Obama’s name on the 18th hole of a golf course in Lakeville, a town some 40 miles south of Boston, the Boston Globe reports.

Early Monday morning, workers at the Lakeville Country Club discovered the message “I (swastika) Obama” and immediately notified authorities, the paper reported.

“We investigate these cases thoroughly,” Steven Ricciardi, special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s Boston office told the Globe. The local police chief told the paper that the crime was likely a hate crime.

County Dem Chairman Wants Pittsburgh U.S. Atty. Mary Beth Buchanan to Resign

Bush Holdover U.S. Atty. Mary Beth Buchanan
Bush Holdover U.S. Atty. Mary Beth Buchanan

By Allan Lengel

U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan of Pittsburgh continues to stir up controversy in her waning moments in office.

Allegheny County Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn wants Buchanan to resign after reports surfaced that she is considering a bid for Congress, the Associated Press reports. He feels it’s a conflict of interest to remain in office while she considers a bid for Congress.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Buchanan, who was appointed by Bush in 2001, is considering a bid to unseat Democratic Rep. Jason Altmire next year. The AP said Buchanan has not commented on the report.

The Dems are in the process of finding a replacement for Buchanan, who had little chance of ever remaining as U.S. Attorney despite her hopes that she would.

Buchanan has been somewhat of a controversial figure during her reign. This past summer she was sharply criticized for implying that  a county medical examiner was guilty after she dismissed the charges that he used his office to financially benefit. The Justice Department launched a probe into the complaints.

88-Year-Old Accused of Nazi War Crimes to Appear in Immigration Court in Detroit


By Allan Lengel

An 88-year-old Michigan man suffering from prostate cancer, who served in a Nazi-controlled police force in the Ukraine, is scheduled to appear Tuesday in Detroit in immigration court as part of a deportation proceeding, the Associated Press reports.

The Justice Department has filed papers to deport John Kalymon, a resident of Troy, an upscale Detroit suburb.

The Justice Department is alleging that Kalymon shot Jews while serving in the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police in the city of Lviv, AP reports. He has denied shooting anyone.

Non-Criminal Illegal Immigrants to be Held in Converted Hotels Instead of Jail

Better treatment, but still no cheeseburgers for room service
Better treatment, but still no cheeseburgers for room service

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — They won’t be able to order up a late night cheeseburger for room service at this Inn, but it sure beats jail.

Homeland Secretary Janet Napoloitano on Tuesday announced plans to hold illegal immigrants who haven’t committed a crime in converted hotels rather than jails, Reuters news service reported. The agency has been sharply criticized by human rights groups for the way it has treated noncriminal illegal immigrants.

“This is a system that encompasses many different types of detainees, not all of whom need to be held in prison-like circumstances,” Napolitano told a conference call, according to Reuters.

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