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Illinois Cop Claims He was Probing Drug Trafficker Who Ended Up Being Undercover FBI Agent


From outward appearances, the defense sounds fairly lame. On another point, it’s amazing how many times the FBI has been able to successfully  pull off this type of sting with cops around the country. In Detroit, in the 1990s, the FBI used this sting and busted a number of cops along with the mayor’s common-law brother in law who recruited the dirty cops.

By Jeff Coen
Chicago Tribune reporter
CHICAGO — A former Harvey police officer accused of providing security for a purported high-rolling drug dealer falsely claimed he was investigating the dealer after the FBI confronted him, prosecutors alleged Monday.

Archie Stallworth accepted cash from the “trafficker,” who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent who recorded their conversations, Assistant U.S. Atty. April Perry told jurors at the start of the trial.

The charges allege he once traveled to the DuPage Airport with “Carlos” to watch over the transfer of 30 kilograms of cocaine, but it was part of the sting operation.

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FBI Agent Had Sexual Relations With Cooperating Witness in ex-Rep. Jefferson Case; Judge Refuses Request for New Trial


Here’s a little explosive news. These are the things agents know can harm a case. In this case, so far, this sexual relationship hasn’t derailed the conviction. But we’ll see on appeal.

By New Orleans Times-Picayune Staff
Federal Judge T.S. Ellis III today denied former Rep. William Jefferson’s request for a new trial.

The request was based partly on the judge’s refusal to allow the jury to hear that one of the FBI agents assigned to the corruption case had a sexual relationship with a government informant who secretly recorded conversations with the defendant.

According to the ruling, lead FBI agent Timothy Thibault disclosed June 5, four days before jury selection began, that agent John Guandolo, who served as the undercover driver for the government’s informant Lori Mody, had been involved in a sexual relationship with her.

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Mobster Al Capone’s Wisconsin Hideout For Sale

The question is: Did Al Capone leave behind any bootleg liquor? It has got to be an interesting home — certainly more so than the ones being built these days.

Al Capone/fbi photo

Al Capone/fbi photo

Associated Press Writer
WAUSAU, Wis. — The buyer of a scenic property in northern Wisconsin will get more than just its bar and restaurant: They’ll have a former hideout of Chicago mobster Al Capone.

The 407-acre wooded site, complete with guard towers and a stone house with 18-inch-thick walls, will soon go on the auction block at a starting bid of $2.6 million.

The bank that foreclosed on the land near Couderay, about 140 miles northeast of Minneapolis, said Capone owned it in the late 1920s and early 1930s during Prohibition.

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Politics As Usual: Rep. John Lewis Tried to Block Georgia U.S. Atty. Nominee

There’s no way getting around the fact that the selection of a U.S. Attorney remains highly politicized. It seems there must be a way to minimize that. Unfortunately, no one has found one — or seems to want to find one.

Rep. John Lewis/ gov photo
Rep. John Lewis/ gov photo

The Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON — Georgia Rep. John Lewis, one of Washington’s most prominent Democrats, called the White House earlier this year to try to block the appointment of a federal prosecutor who won convictions against more than a dozen public officials in Atlanta — including former Mayor Bill Campbell, a longtime friend and ally of Mr. Lewis.

After queries from The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Lewis’ contacted White House Counsel Greg Craig late last month to withdraw his objections to the nomination of the prosecutor, Sally Q. Yates, for U.S. Attorney in Atlanta. Two government officials with knowledge of the matter described the calls.

Within days, the White House forwarded the name of Ms. Yates, currently the senior assistant U.S. Attorney in Atlanta, to the Justice Department for a final round of background checks before she is officially nominated as the top prosecutor for the Northern District of Georgia. Ms. Yates — if nominated by President Barack Obama as expected — would require approval by the Senate.

Mr. Lewis declined to comment. A top aide to the congressman said Mr. Lewis’s initial lack of support for Ms. Yates had nothing to do with her role in prosecuting Mr. Campbell or other public figures. The aides said the recommendations made by Georgia’s congressional delegation were based on candidate qualifications.

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U.S. Capitol Police Officer Arrested After Pointing Gun in Maryland Hotel Dispute

Whatever really happened, it’s not good for the U.S. Capitol Police image. Some charges were dropped but the officer still faces some others.


By Ruben Castaneda
Washington Post Staff Writer

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Victor E. Bryant and his girlfriend, Angela Montgomery, checked into a room at the Hampton Inn in National Harbor one afternoon last month. The Charles County couple planned on attending a concert, drinking some beer and spending the night.

Members of the Day family from Michigan checked into the Hampton Inn a few hours later. They were in Maryland for a family reunion and were looking forward to taking in some of Washington’s sights.

A hotel worker mistakenly assigned them the room already given to Bryant and Montgomery. The two sets of hotel guests don’t agree on what happened when they encountered each other later that night. But it clearly didn’t go well.

By the end of the evening, Bryant was in handcuffs, charged with three counts of assault for allegedly pointing his service weapon at two members of the Day family and a hotel worker and threatening to shoot one of the Days.

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NY Daily News Reports in Terrorist Case that NY Imam Was FBI Informant Who Became Double Agent


This is getting messy. Did the FBI lose a great informant or did it finally get rid of one who hurt the agency far more than he  helped it? And the more that comes to light in the case, more serious it seems.

BY Elizabeth Hays and Helen Kennedy
NEW YORK — The Queens imam arrested in the Denver terrorism probe is an FBI informant who the feds say became a double agent – tipping suspects that they were in the government’s cross hairs.

Ahmad Afzali, 37, insisted he’s been loyally helping the feds root out extremists since 9/11.

His lawyer Ron Kuby calls him a fall guy.

“I think the FBI is angry that they blew this case, and they want to blame poor Imam Afzali for blowing the investigation,” Kuby said.

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Feds Probing Possible Presidential Election Violation Involving a Pa. Local Union Official

This certainly can’t be the only potential presidential  election violation that has gone unnoticed up until now. But will the feds uncover more?

By Timothy J. Burger
John McCain/gov photo

John McCain/gov photo

Federal investigators are probing whether a local union president at a Pennsylvania U.S. Energy Department laboratory improperly helped President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign on government time by using government facilities, union lawyers said.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel is probing whether Ronald Demicheli improperly taped a video criticizing 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain in an office at the National Energy Technology Laboratory near Pittsburgh, said Ward Morrow, a lawyer for the American Federation of Government Employees.

Demicheli is president of the union’s Local 1916, which represents employees at the Energy Department lab and nearby research facilities of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

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FBI Offers $5,000 Reward for Return of Weapons Stolen From Agent’s Car in Indianapolis

handgun-photoBy Allan Lengel

The FBI is going all out to retrieve  weapons and equipment stolen from an agent’s car in the northwest sector of Indianapolis earlier in the week.

Michael S. Welch, special agent in charge of the Indianapolis office, announced that the bureau was offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification and arrest of those responsible for the theft of three stolen weapons: H&K MP5/10A3 10 mm gun, a Rock River Arms LAR15 rifle and a Springfield 1911A1 .45 caliber handgun.

Additionally, thieves made off with a large green duffel-style gear bag that contained an FBI SWAT uniform and two sets of body armor, the FBI said.

According to the FBI, the theft took place between the evening hours of Sept. 16 and the early morning of Sept. 17 when burglars went on a spree, breaking into 10 other vehicles or homes.

The Associated Press originally reported that the guns were stolen from the agent’s home.

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